Episode Nine sees the Midsummer’s Knights going to Shinjuku because Pitz has predicted that another Machine Goodfellow will activate nearby. And through Akari’s hacking talent, they have learned how the designer childrens’ personalities can be transferred to a Kiltgang in the Machine Goodfellows and how long this process takes. It’s believed that if they can blow the head of the Machine Goodfellow off before that time elapses that the Kiltgang wouldn’t be able to activate. At the same time, Amarok and Malkin discover that Akari is the Misdummer’s Knights weak point and that she’s the one who hacked the Machine Goodfellow in Episode Eight. They decide that she will be their target. When Akari goes out to buy a new computer to replace the one that broke in Episode Eight, she is kidnapped by Amarok and Zimbalt.

There’s also an emphasis on an idol singer named Ai Summer, who keeps appearing in the background on TV screens early on in the episode. We then see that she’s not confident in herself and getting into an argument with her manager. When Ai is alone in a restroom, Malkin comes up to her and kisses her, which awakens Ai’s memory of being Aiatar.

Akari is held at gunpoint and made to use her hacker skills to help Amarok and Malkin, while Aiatar gets into a Machine Goodfellow and ends up in a fight with Daichi as he pilots the Earth Engine Ordinary.

So far, it appears my prediction about these episodes focusing on the remaining Machine Goodfellow pilots is coming true. This one focused on Ai, and from the preview, it looks like Episode 10 will focus on the second male pilot.

I liked how Akari handled herself while she was being held prisoner by Amarok and Malkin. While she may have gone along with them at first, she has a clever way to not only make them let her go, but to stop doing what they’re trying to do in this episode.

Teppei is also feeling like he isn’t contributing anything to the team. However, as Daichi is getting ready to face off with Aiatar, Teppei is able to override the Vice Captain and lets Daichi launch in his mecha because Teppei believes there’s still enough time for him to take down Aiatar.

Overall, I enjoyed watching Episode Nine, and I’m looking forward to meeting the next Machine Goodfellow pilot in Episode 10.

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