One Week Friends: Episode 9 – “Last Day with Friends.”

Quite a bit of Episode Nine focuses on Yuki, Kaori, Shogo, and Saki going to Kaori’s house to finish up their summer homework on the last day of summer break. The important things that happen during this is that Shogo and Saki have several interactions together that almost feel like some kind of romantic interest could be blossoming, Kaori’s mother and Yuki talking about the changes in Kaori that her mother has seen recently, and Kaori telling Yuki about the changes that she’s noticed in herself.

The next day, when Yuki is walking to school, Kaori comes up to him and says hi. She’s really happy and says she feels like something good is going to happen today. When they get to class, the teacher says they’re going to draw lots to determine a new seating arrangement. Kaori and Yuki end up in desks next to each other.

A new transfer student named Kujo Hajime joins their class, and is assigned to the empty seat that’s on the other side of Kaori. When he approaches the desk, he sees Kaori and recognizes her. Unfortunately, she doesn’t recognize him. He makes a comment that it’s no wonder Kaori forgot him because she broke her promise. Kaori suddenly realizes something and then collapses. When she wakes up in the nurse’s office, she surprises Yuki by saying that she doesn’t recognize him…

So, it looks like my prediction at the end of my writeup for Episode Eight about Kujo having some connection to Kaori’s memory loss ended up being correct. And as the scenes on the last day of summer break were wrapping up, I started predicting in my head how the next day of school would go: Kujo would be a new transfer student in Yuki’s class, interacting with Kujo would trigger Kaori’s memory about the accident, and then she would somehow forget about Yuki. While I enjoyed the ending of the episode, it was a little disappointing for me to be able to basically predict what would happen.

For me, the major questions I have are: has Kaori regained all of her memories from before the accident or only bits and fragments and will she be able to regain her memories of being friends with Yuki and the others? From the preview I saw for Episode 10, it looks like Kaori will be having interactions with Kujo. It’ll be interesting to see how this will end up transpiring. I also hope this episode will provide the backstory about why Kujo sees Kaori as a traitor and how she broke her promise.

With how recent episodes had been going, I had a strong suspicion that this episode would end up marking a major turning point for the series. It appears there’s only three episodes left, so I’m looking forward to seeing how the various issues that now exist in the series will be resolved in the remaining episodes.

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