The World is Still Beautiful: Episode 8 – “Shelter From the Rain”

The World is Still Beautiful focuses on Nike, the fourth sovereign daughter of the Rain Dukedom, and on King Livius I, the king of the Sun Kingdom. Livius asked for the hand of one of the daughters of the ruler of the Principality of Rain, and Nike ended up being chosen to become his bride after losing a game of rock-paper-scissors. It’s not exactly love at first sight when the two of them meet, and it almost looks like nothing will come of their relationship. However, after Nike saves Livius by summoning rain to put out a fire that was set in his room, he decides to keep her around. Nike officially becomes Livius’ fiancee.

Episode Eight opens with Nike lying face-down on her bed, not looking at Livius. After a few moments of this, Nike acknowledges Livius and starts arguing with him. Now, hold up, wait a minute… at the end of the previous episode, Livius had ordered his guards to take Nike to the dungeon. Why is she still on the bed instead of in the dungeon? I honestly feel like we missed something here. Also, I’m not entirely happy that his ordering her into the dungeon was glossed over in this episode and wasn’t even mentioned.

However, Livius did follow through with his order for Bard to be put into the dungeon. After Livius leaves Nike alone in her quarters, she sneaks out and frees Bard. After freeing him, Nike learns that Bard had feelings for Livius’ mother, Sheila, although his feelings were unrequited. Nike, along with the audience, also learns what kind of relationship Livius and Bard had in the past, and why it was that Bard came back after running off from his Prime Minister duties. Nike tries to convince Bard to stay and be by Livius’ side, but Bard says that Livius would be against the idea.

Nike gets so frustrated with both Livius and Bard that she takes it upon herself to force them into a situation where they would have to talk and air out their feelings…

This episode certainly provided the exposition that was needed to understand why Livius feels the way he does about Bard. Not only did the two of them have feelings for Sheila and both felt like they failed in protecting her, Bard ran off without a word after becoming the Prime Minister.

I have to admit that Livius’ changes in temper are starting to become a little concerning to me. I hope he doesn’t get to a point where he becomes so enraged that he does something without thinking that will somehow unintentionally harm Nike.

From what transpires near the end of the episode, it appears that Bard will be remaining in the Sun Kingdom and that we’ll have opportunities to see more of him in future episodes. Having Bard around will definitely affect the character dynamics for Livius and Nike.

From seeing the preview, it looks like the next episode will have something to do with the Principality of Rain. Unfortunately, the images and narration didn’t divulge much, so I have no idea how the Principality of Rain will end up becoming an important part of the episode.

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