At the beginning of Episode Eight, a first-year comes to Juugo’s classroom and asks to talk to Ikkyuu. The girl apologizes, hands an envelope to Ikkyuu, and leaves. A frustrated Ikkyuu returns to her desk and announces that she’s going home. Ikkyuu leaves, with Daruku following right behind her. This is the last we see of Ikkyuu in the episode, and no explanation is given for the visit or why she leaves. Hopefully we’ll get some kind of explanation in the next episode, because I really don’t like to be left hanging like this.

After Ikkyuu leaves, a new transfer student joins Juugo’s class: Tsujimi Tetsunoshin. Juugo recognizes him as the guy who was there when he made a delivery in an earlier episode. Yun, the girl who was also present at the delivery, is also a student at the school. Tsujimi makes it clear that he doesn’t want to be friends with Juugo.

At home, Nanana and Juugo get an unexpected visitor: a man named Hiiyo Ikusaba. He has an item from Nanana’s Collection, and he comes to ask about it. During their conversation, Juugo notices that Nanana is shaking. Hiiyo declares that the treasure he found is garbage and is useless. Shiki bursts in and demands rent from Hiiyo as he leaves. Shiki chases after him, but he gets away. Later, Juugo learns from Shiki that Hiiyo was the tenant who had lived in Room 202 right before him, and that Hiiyo still owes some rent.

Later, Juugo runs into Hiiyo at an arcade, and the two have a discussion about games and what type of person ultimately wins them. At the end of the episode, Hiiyo arrives at the Adventure Club’s club room and talks to Isshin. It turns out that Hiiyo was one of the original members of the Adventure Club, and that these two don’t really get along.

This episode not only brings two previously seen characters back into the story, a new character was also introduced. With these developments, I’d think that the story was expanding and should have a ways to go. However, MyAnimeList is claiming there’s only 11 episodes for the series. I’m hoping that there might be a second season in the works, because I have a hard time believing that the series can wrap up loose ends and develop the new elements that were introduced here within three episodes.

While this episode doesn’t see Juugo and the Adventure Club looking for another treasure, we see that there’s another party out there who’s not only searching for the treasure, but has found at least one item. At this point, we’ve got Juugo/Ikkyuu/Daruku, Isshin and the other members of the Adventure Club, Matsuri, and Hiiyo actively looking for Nanana’s Collection. Is anyone else going to come out of the woodwork to search for it, too?

I’m really interested in knowing what happened with Ikkyuu, and I’m hoping to get some kind of an answer in Episode Nine. Also, at this point, I’m hoping for a decent conclusion for the series if it really is 11 episodes long.

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