Review: Weekly Shonen Jump (June 2, 2014)

This issue includes chapters for Toriko, Hunter x Hunter, One Piece, World Trigger, Stealth Symphony, Naruto, Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, Nisekoi: False Love, Bleach, All You Need Is Kill, and One-Punch Man. There’s also a Hunter x Hunter catchup.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

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Toriko CH:279

This chapter introduces the Dining Planet and the Dining Table of Nobility. Someone at the Dining Planet is talking about Acacia and about how he had come to the realization that there were many ingredients that he still needed to get a hold of. We learn the person talking is named Joie, and that she is only the second human to carve a path to this place (the first one was her mother). We also see the group that Joie is traveling with. Meanwhile, Toriko and the others are in the Octomelon and they find their way out of the Golden Marsh. And right at the end of the chapter, they find the entrance to Hex Food World.

I have to admit that I’m a little disappointed that we didn’t get to see Toriko and the others trying to navigate their way thought the maze. Personally, I think there would have been a lot of storytelling potential in that. That also would have helped to make the story feel a little more dramatic. As it ended up, though, they enter the maze at the end of the previous chapter, and then we jump ahead to them getting out of the maze. This chapter also introduces the Dining Planet, as well as a new character named Joie. She’s also searching for the same thing that Toriko and his group are, so I suspect that these two groups will end up becoming rivals as the series progresses.

At the end of the chapter, we see two entries from the “Toriko Call for Ingredients” challenge that were presented during the SJ Podcast Panel at Fanime. The two drawings were the U.S. Editor’s favorite two entries.

Hunter x Hunter Catchup

This catchup is six pages in length, and includes information on the Green Island Arc, the Chimera Ant Arc, and the Hunter Election arc.

Hunter x Hunter CH:341

The chapter opens with an employee who is assigned to a special unit that coordinates all the restricted voyage agencies. The employee is giving a copy of a book titled, Journey to the New World, and also sees bodies that have been wrung out like towels. There is one lone survivor, a hunter who had gone into the new world that is no longer human and has been self-sustaining itself for almost 50 years. Meanwhile, a man asks the zodiac hunters to overcome the risks of the dark continent and return with hope before his son can explore it. It turns out that this is the last will and testament of this individual. They spend time debating what they’re going to do.

Even with the catchups for Hunter x Hunter both in last week’s issue and this week, I have to admit that I’m still a bit lost as to what’s going on. But considering I’m jumping into Hunter x Hunter for the first time at Chapter 341, that lost feeling makes a lot of sense. There does seem to be something interesting being set up here, though, so I’m hoping I’ll enjoy this series and better understand what’s going on as I continue to read it.

One Piece CH:749

This chapter sees the group that wants to repay their debt to Luffy and Usopp trying to fight against Pica. Luffy, with a couple of other people, ride a bull to try and climb up a stone giant. A very chaotic battle takes place during this chapter, and a revelation is made right at the end.

What can I say about this chapter? There was a lot of chaotic action taking place, and I have to admit that I found myself getting a little lost during the chapter. However, it looks Luffy and the guys he’s with are heading toward Doflamingo.

It should be noted that One Piece will be taking a break due to Eiichiro Oda having surgery to remove his tonsils to treat a peritonsillar abscess that was discovered last year. One Piece is scheduled to continue in the June 23, 2014 issue of Weekly Shonen Jump.

World Trigger CH:062

The chapter opens with a slight recap of what’s been going on out on the battlefield up to this point. This chapter seems to be focusing on Lord Hyuse’s battle. Unfortunately, the traps that have been laid for him don’t work because he’s able to use his staff, Organon, and easily knock them out of the way. The chapter ends with Lord Hyuse coming face-to-face with his opponent.

Now that I’ve been able to read several chapters of World Trigger, I’ve come to realize that this is a rather slow-moving series. I’ve been reading this for a little over two months now, and it’s still in the middle of the same battle that I jumped in the middle of when I started reading Weekly Shonen Jump in late March 2014. This isn’t necessarily a bad series, it’s just moving slowly and it’s getting harder for me to get into it.

Stealth Symphony CH:014

This chapter reveals why Slice is going after Alice Nijigami. We see Jig going to the police station. The orphanage director is being questioned, and the police want Jig there to verify the director’s identity as well as to ask him questions. Alice and Troma also go to meet a new client, who turns out to be Slice. Slice reveals he knows a lot about what happened in the last story arc. Meanwhile, the supposed orphanage director turns out to really be a dragon.

This chapter spends a lot of time elaborating on Slice, his connections with Alice, as well as the source of his animosity with her. We also learn that Slice has been keeping tabs on her, because he’s able to tell them a lot of details about what happened between V&V and the Cyborg Soldier School. We also see that Jig has been targeted by someone. I’m really interested in seeing how the story arc with Slice and Alice ends up progressing.

Naruto CH:678

In this chapter, we see that people are trapped in Madara’s genjutsu, and we get to see glimpses of the dreams being had by the main characters who are trapped in the genjutsu. I have to say that several of these dreams are rather amusing. Once it’s safe for them to emerge, Team 7 leave where they’ve been hiding and try to find a way free everyone from the genjutsu. Before they can do anything though, Zetsu and Madara make an appearance. However, everyone is surprised when Zetsu interferes with Madara. And it appears Zetsu has some kind of connection with the mother of the Sage of Six Paths…

This chapter continues the intensity that’s been present in recent chapters of Naruto. However, I was a little disappointed that nothing more was shown in regards to the First Hokage and Yamato. I’m really hoping to see more of what’s going on with that portion of the story in the next chapter. Yes, I’m definitely interested in what’s going on with Madara, Naruto, Sasuke, Sakura, Kakashi, and Zetsu, but I feel like I’ve kind of been left hanging when it comes to Yamato.

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign CH:021

This chapter sees Kimizuki now going through his training. They’ve already passed the 30 hour mark, and the chance his demon will take over is getting higher. Yu is told that the worst case scenario would require them to eliminate Kimizuki, and he is asked to stand by in case that needs to be done. The scene then changes to Kimizuki fighting with his demon, Kiseki-o. Kiseki-o gets her blade through Kimizuki, and tells him to relive his past to see his inner darkness and to let “Shiho Kimizuki” break. He has a flashback of himself from four years earlier that have to do with his sister who caught the sickness that was only supposed to affect adults. The demon tries to twist the memory, but he manages to resist the temptations the demon is trying to include in the memory. After he gets the hit in, the demon says he may call on her to possess him. After Kimizuki finishes his training, he proposes that he and Yu should settle the question of who’s better. The two of them begin a fight with their new ability, and what they do surprises Shinoa…

This chapter provides some backstory for Kimizuki, and we get an understanding of why Kimizuki looks down on Yu like he does. Thanks to their training, they can both possess a demon and they have somehow managed to acquire special abilities. Shinoa believes there’s something special about these two that she doesn’t know about yet, but thinks this is why they’re part of Guren’s special army. By seeing how strong their rivalry is, I have this feeling that at some point in the series, there will be a climactic battle between Yu and Kimizuki.

Nisekoi: False Love CH:124

This chapter focuses on Tsugumi, the girl whose guardian thinks is a boy. Tsugumi, along with Paula, have been given the job of infiltrating a party being held by the leader of an enemy organization and steal a top secret document that he’s harboring. Unfortunately, when it’s time for them to go the party as a pair, Tsugumi gets a phone call from Paula, saying that she’s not feeling well. When all hope seems lost, Raku walks by after finishing a fishing trip. She ends up recruiting Raku to help her, so Tsugumi has to take on the female role for the female and male pair. When they go to the party, Tsugumi garners a lot of attention. It turns out they’ve got a time crunch, though, so the mission has to be accomplished that night. Right at the very end, they see what disguise that Tsugumi will need, but she doesn’t seem comfortable with that idea…

So it looks like we’ve now got a story arc that will focus on Tsugumi and Raku. Tsugumi’s awkwardness at being so girly, especially around Raku, is kind of amusing to read. I have a feeling that the point of this arc will be to have Tsugumi and Raku getting a little bit closer. However, I also have the feeling that something unexpected will happen in regard to the mission, or that Tsugumi will ultimately end up failing. It’ll be interesting to see how this story arc ends up progressing.

Bleach CH:582

This chapter sees Ichigo arriving on the scene. However, pretty quickly after his arrival, he’s attacked by the ladies who have come to take down Kenpachi. Ichigo transforms into his Soul Reaper version and is ready to take them on. Ichigo’s battle with the ladies is just starting when the chapter ends, and there’s someone watching what’s going on from a distance…

Like the previous week’s chapter, this is another short one that’s setting the stage for what should become a more action-packed story. I have a feeling that the next chapter will have quite a focus on Ichigo and his fight with the ladies. I’m looking forward to seeing what kind of a battle Ichigo has with them and how he’ll ultimately bring them down.

All You Need Is Kill CH:017

At the beginning of the chapter, it’s revealed that Keiji is the one who wins the battle between him and Rita. Keiji isn’t happy with this result, though. Rita tells him to save the human race. As Rita dies, Keiji admits that he’s in love with her. After Rita dies, we get to read Keiji’s account of what happened immediately afterward. From there, we see that Keiji is being transferred and that he’s acquired a call sign of his own. We then see Keiji thinking about how he plans to save the world, but that Rita’s not there to see it, even though she was the only person that he had wanted to protect.

This is the final chapter for All You Need Is Kill. It ends on a note that he has made it out of the time loop and that he intends to keep on fighting. Unfortunately, we don’t get to see whether or not he succeeds at saving the human race or not. Since I haven’t read the original novel that this is based on, I don’t know whether this is the way the novel ends or if the manga adaptation ends earlier than the novel. After getting to read most of the chapters of this series, I’d have to say that it was decent. It’s not bad, but it’s not one I’d rank as a favorite, either.

One-Punch Man CH:034.3 V2

According to the opening of this chapter, it’s claimed that this is a revision to a chapter that was previously published in the April 7, 2014 edition of Weekly Shonen Jump, and that this revision eradicates the existence of all ensuing chapters.

I have some vague memories of reading a chapter that was rather similar to this a couple of months ago. However, the ending does seem to be a little different than I remember it. Unfortunately, I’m not entirely sure on that, since this series hasn’t made much of an impression on me so far. This chapter is a very action-packed chapter with a lot of fighting and not much in the way of any dialogue.

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