Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara: Episode 8 – “I’ll catch up to you. Have I ever broken a promise to you before?”

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara focuses on a boy named Sota Hatate, who has an ability to see flags over people’s heads and know how they’re feeling or what will happen to them. He also knows what he needs to do to break the flag over someone’s head. In the first episode, he meets Nanami and Akane at Hatagaya Academy. At the end of the first episode, Sota sees a death flag over Akane’s head. However, he’s unable to make it break. He decides he has to change the flag, so he kisses her to change it to a conquest flag. The stage is set for the beginning of a harem. In Episode Two, Sota’s old friend Okiku returns, and becomes the “big sister” type for his harem. A boy named Megumu is also introduced, but he’s constantly mistaken for a girl because of how he looks.

Episode Eight is set during summer break, and we see Sota hanging out at Okiku’s house. Rin sees them and gets into an argument with Okiku. However, just as the argument subsides, Ruri suddenly appears and takes Sota with her to Akane’s house.

Sota calls Okiku and Rin to tell them where he is, and they, along with Megumu, Mei, and Kurumiko arrive in order to spend time with Sota. We see some harem tropes take place, and then Akane calls Nanami. When Nanami finds out most of the residents of Quest Dorm are hanging out together at Akane’s place, she gets upset and invites them to visit her in the Principality of Bladefield.

After arriving in Bladefield, they’re taking a three-hour train trip to capital. The train makes a stop at one point, and a girl with long, silvery hair gets onto the train. Sota meets her and learns she is Hakua Berserker Bladefield, the 14th crown princess of the Principality of Bladefield. Nanami gets upset when she sees Sota with her, and we learn that while the two princesses may be sisters (although with different mothers), they are not close. Near the end of the episode, Nanami and Hakua are targets in an attempted assassination attempt, and it’s up to Sota to try to save them…

Unfortunately, most of this episode returned to focusing primarily on the harem aspect of the series again. This was rather disappointing after getting some more development about Sota’s ability in Episode Seven. While I understand that some of what happened at the beginning of the episode needed to happen in order to set up what happens in the Principality of Bladefield, I felt this went for a little too long and didn’t really accomplish much of anything. In fact, the harem and the harem tropes took up a little over half of the episode. I nearly wanted to scream as the episode progressed because of it.

I have a suspicion that Hakua will somehow end up joining the harem by the end of Episode Nine. I’m sorry, but the harem is getting too big, and some of these characters are feeling a bit pointless for the overall story.

Luckily, there’s only a few more episodes to go. At this point, this series has been my biggest disappointment of the Spring 2014 season, and I’m looking forward to this one coming to an end.

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