Brynhildr in the Darkness: Episode 8 – “The Clue That was Left”

Episode Eight sees Murakami memorizing the map he sees on the device and is able to reproduce it by drawing it on a sheet of paper. Murakami, with some help from Kazumi, work together and find that it’s a map of Nakakaruizaa. Murakami tells the witches that this is the best lead he has for the pills. However, since it seems the person who gave Kuroha the device doesn’t appear to be a friend to the witches, he insists on going to Nakakaruizaa alone.

Murakami arrives and finds a church that’s a landmark on the map. However, the church has been destroyed somewhat recently. He learns from a shop owner that three months ago, there was a really loud noise in the middle of the night and the church was destroyed. He asks a couple of other questions, but the shop owner doesn’t have answers for him.

When Murakami returns to the church and starts looking around, he finds that on a wall that’s still standing, there’s writing in German with blood under some of the letters. Before he can examine much further, the police arrive to arrest Murakami for breaking and entering. He ends up being saved by Kuroha and Takatori, who came to the area after Kana had a forecast that Murakami would die.

When Murakami returns home, he mentions they may still have one lead left: he believes the letters underlined in blood on the wall have to do with the password for the device. Before they can test anything, they have to get the girls somewhere safe before Murakami turns the device on.

This episode also introduces Nanami, a powerful witch who has been assigned to locate #1107, which is the number for one of the escaped witches. My guess is that #1107 would be Kuroha.

Episode Eight also sees Kazumi really putting the moves on Murakami when she’s alone with him. There’s a scene with these two that has a bit of “fanservice” going on in it. When it comes to Kazumi, I like her abilities with technology and electronics, but I’m not a fan of the sex obsession that she has. So far, I haven’t felt that that portion of her personality really does much to embellish the story. In fact, I find it more of a distraction from the overarching story.

From what I’ve seen, it appears there’s only five episodes left for Brynhildr in the Darkness. I get the feeling the stage is being set for a confrontation between Kuroha and Nanami. If that’s true, then the main questions left for the series are who would win in such a confrontation, can the witches get any more pills once their supplies run out, and what exactly the fertilized alien egg is that Kogoro is researching. Hopefully we’ll get satisfactory answers to these questions when the series concludes.

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