At the beginning of Episode Eight, we learn that Amarok and Malkin were so rough on their Machine Goodfellows back in Episode Seven that it’s going to take two weeks to repair them. Since Puck has given them the data on the remaining five Machine Goodfellows, they plan to find them and their pilots.

Pitz, meanwhile, has a prediction that there’s going to be a high-density libido event in Odaiba the next day, so The Midsummer’s Knights are sent to find the Machine Goodfellow. During their investigation, they run into a young man named Zin who works in a casino. It turns out he’s the Machine Goodfellow pilot they’re supposed to find, but they don’t realize it at the time.

We learn that Zin was used by someone he thought was a friend when he was in school, so he’s come to feel as if he has nothing that he can hold in his hand and consider it his. When he’s taken to see the number two man in the Asanoda Yakuza, the de facto owners of the casino that he works for, he sees that this guy only wants to exploit Zin’s talent for his own financial gain. Before the conversation can get any farther, Amarok and Malkin burst in and take down the yakuza guy. Malkin kisses Zin of the lips, and his Kiltgang memories come back to him. This includes the fact that his real name is Zimbalt.

Zimbalt goes into a Machine Goodfellow, and the episode climaxes with a fight between him and Daichi in the Earth Engine Ordinary.

Episode Eight starts to expand the sphere of characters and mecha beyond the Midsummer’s Knights, Amarok, Malkin, the Earth Engine Impacter and the three Machine Goodfellows that we’d seen up to this point.

Not only did the episode reveal that there are five more Machine Goodfellows, it was also revealed that there are still three women and two men assigned to those mecha. By meeting Zin/Zimbalt in Episode Eight, we have now met one of the men. At this point, I’m suspecting that the next four episodes will each feature one of the pilots and one of the Machine Goodfellows that the Midsummer’s Knights are looking for.

Zin was kind of an interesting character, especially with how he feels he has a propensity to be used by others. Unfortunately, once he was awakened as Zimbalt, he has memories of that personality trait and uses this to drive himself to not be like that again. Unfortunately, it causes Zimbalt to be way too cocky during his battle with Daichi and ultimately led to the result that happened.

I’m looking forward to meeting the remaining Machine Goodfellow pilots and getting to know who they are and what they’re like.

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