The World Is Still Beautiful: Episode 7 – “Wild Waltz”

The World is Still Beautiful focuses on Nike, the fourth sovereign daughter of the Rain Dukedom, and on King Livius I, the king of the Sun Kingdom. Livius asked for the hand of one of the daughters of the ruler of the Principality of Rain, and Nike ended up being chosen to become his bride after losing a game of rock-paper-scissors. It’s not exactly love at first sight when the two of them meet, and it almost looks like nothing will come of their relationship. However, after Nike saves Livius by summoning rain to put out a fire that was set in his room, he decides to keep her around. Nike officially becomes Livius’ fiancee.

Episode Seven sees Livius taking Nike to the festival for planting season by having the two of them ditch their duties. When they’re there, Nike has Livius disguise himself as a girl. While they’re at the festival, the audience sees a man with long blond hair following them.

When they return to the castle, they find the man with long blond hair playing a harp in Livius’ office. It turns out the man is Livius’ uncle, Prince Bardwin Cicil Ifrikia. He had served as Livius’ Prime Minister when he first ascended the throne, but that he had disappeared one day. Prince Bard tries to flirt with Nike, but Neil tells him to stop. After Bard leaves, Livius tells Nike that the next time she lets her guard down with Bard even slightly, it’s off to prison.

Later, Nike and Livius see Bard showing off his archery skills with the people of the court gathered around him. Bard sees the two of them and invites them to a banquet being held to celebrate Bard’s return. However, Bard adds the barb of, “But this might be a bit hard on His Majesty. It’s past the children’s bedtime, after all.” This makes Livius snap and he declares that they’ll attend.

When they go to the banquet, Livius complains about it being stuffy and heads for the balcony. Before Nike can join him, Bard approaches her and things go downhill from there…

At the festival, there was a reappearance of the two guys that tried to kidnap Nike back in Episode One. They were up to their usual shenanigans, and it was up to Nike to put an end to it. During this scene, Nike really showed how much she cares for others when she interacted with the little boy that the two guys had stolen from.

Prince Bard basically falls into the good-looking “bishonen” prince stereotype. Not only does he have long hair and is considered attractive by many of the women of the court, he also sparkles and is referred to as the “Flower of the Royal Court.” The way Bard was depicted at some points in the episode with the sparkles and the roses, it almost made me think of The Rose of Versailles.

A bit of this episode, though, focused on Livius and his jealous side. In some respects, it’s understandable why Livius acts this way, since the people who loved him most were taken away from him. However, his jealousy is so strong in this episode, especially near the end, that it was rather frightening. I don’t want to provide a spoiler and say what happens at the end of the episode, but I will say that I hope that Nike will somehow be able to straighten everything out by the end of Episode Eight.

The ending was enough of a cliffhanger for me that I really want to see Episode Eight in order to find out how the story will progress.

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