Episode Seven sees the pudding that Juugo mailed in Episode Six arriving at his house. He offers it to Nanana as an apology for taking her videogames and selling them. Also, it turns out that he hid the actual treasure from the Nanana Collection from the hot springs town that he beat everyone else to. Ikkyuu and Daruku overhear everything he tells Nanana about it, because Ikkyuu somehow managed to make spare keys from Juugo’s key.

Later, Nanana talks with Juugo and learns that he’s upset that Yukihime tried to deceive him by attempting to take the treasure back in Episode Six and that she’s really turned her back on him. Nanana gives Juugo a little talk which ultimately leads her to convincing him that he needs to try to find a way to be friends with her again.

The majority of the episode focuses on Juugo and Yukihime. There’s quite a confrontation scene between the two, which includes fighting, Juugo using the treasure from the Nanana Collection, and several confessions being made by both of them.

At the end of the episode, Juugo finds himself thinking that he intends to find Nanana’s killer, but then makes the realization that if she passes on, she’ll disappear from the room.

This particular episode ended up putting a lot of focus on Juugo and Yukihime instead of on trying to find any more treasures from the Nanana Collection. This was definitely a much-needed character development episode for both of these characters. Because of this episode, I not only understand Juugo much better than I did during the past couple of episodes, I also understand the relationship between Juugo and Yukihime a lot more.

At the end of the writeup for Episode Six, I had commented that at that point, my interest in Nanana’s Buried Treasure had gone down a bit compared to earlier in the series. I believe that was due in large part that the whole Matsuri connection to Juugo felt like it had come out of nowhere and it had thrown me for a loop. Between the development we got in this episode, plus the fact that I’ve had a chance to adjust to that new element of Juugo’s character, I can better appreciate the series again. While I still may not like it quite as much as I did earlier on, I have a better opinion of it again after seeing Episode Seven.

Now I’m curious to see how Episode Eight will progress Nanana’s Buried Treasure forward.

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