Riddle Story of Devil: Episode 7 – “What Can You Never Outrun?”

Riddle Story of Devil focuses on Year 10, Black Class at Myojo Academy, which is made up of 13 students: 12 assassins disguised as students and their target, Haru Ichinose. The main assassin to be focused on is Tokaku Azuma, who ends up being roommates with Haru. At the end of Episode Two, Tokaku declares that she will be Haru’s protector.

In Episode Seven, Suzu Shuto takes the remaining girls in the class to a special place that has pools, trees, rocks, etc. that she’s found. Suzu asked the teacher to secure it for her, and he did. There are swimsuits available for all of the girls to use, which they change into. As Tokaku looks for one to wear, she finds an advance notice for assassination from Suzu. In addition to the notice, there’s also clues for a game. Suzu puts a collar with a bomb around Haru’s neck, and says that if it’s forcibly removed, it will explode. Tokaku and Haru have to play a game to find playing cards with the numbers for the passcode that will deactivate the bomb. The bomb has to be defused before midnight, or it will go off. Also, killing Suzu will not stop the bomb from going off.

Tokaku and Haru have to take the clues they’ve been given and try to find the cards they need while the other girls lounge around and enjoy themselves. This portion of the story sees Tokaku finding cards and also coming up with possible ways to figure out from the deck that Suzu has brought what the missing cards could be.

While this is going on, their teacher is in the staff room, looking through files. Because he’s clueless about the true nature of his class, he believes that in order to prevent any more transfers from happening, he needs to make sure to care for his students in every way. While going through the files, he finds something in Suzu’s file that surprises him.

Their teacher arrives where they are, and we learn that today is Suzu’s birthday. It’s also revealed that Suzu has the Highlander Syndrome, which is a disease that keeps her body from aging. Suzu relates a story of a man she once cared for who was a year younger than her and his birthday was the day after hers. Over time, however, he reached adulthood and left her behind. During this conversation, important clues about the passcode are revealed.

This episode was kind of interesting. On the one hand, it relied on the formula of focusing on one of the assassins and getting some backstory for them before they’re written out. However, the inclusion of the game aspect helped to make this episode feel a little less formulaic than some of the earlier episodes did.

With Suzu failing in this episode, it now only leaves six members left in the class. At this point, I suspect that Nio will be the last one to try to assassinate Haru. From the beginning, she seems to have some kind of behind-the-scenes involvement in this whole thing. Because of this, it makes sense for her to wait until after everyone else has failed.

I also have to feel kind of bad for the teacher because of his lack of understanding of the true nature of Black Class. These students keep disappearing one by one, under the guise of transferring to another school, and he thinks there’s something wrong with what he’s doing. However, I’m kind of puzzled how Chitaru and Kirigaya’s deaths were covered up in Episode Six, since they died on stage right at the end of the production of Romeo and Juliet.

From what I’ve seen, it appears there’s only six more episodes left for Riddle Story of Devil. The main question I have now is which student will attempt to assassinate Haru next, and how they’re going to try to do it.

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