Brynhildr in the Darkness: Episode 7 – “Fragments of Hope”

Brynhildr in the Darkness focuses on a high school boy named Murakami. 10 years prior to the start of the series, he knew a girl he called Kuroneko who insisted she knew about aliens and had met one. When she takes Murakami to see the alien, an accident happens that injures Murakami and kills Kuroneko. Now in high school, a new transfer student named Kuroha Neko joins his class, and she looks suspiciously like Kuroneko. However, Kuroha insists that she’s not Kuroneko. At the end of Episode One, Murakami learned that Kuroha is a witch who gained her abilities through surgery and drugs. Murakami has since met two other witches: Kana and Kazumi.

At the beginning of Episode Seven, Murakami is meeting with a scientist named Kogoro and asks him for two things. The first is to copy the pill that keeps the witches alive, and the second is to examine what he’s been told is a fertilized alien egg. In regards to the pill, Kogoro says he can see how it can be done, but that it could take at least half a year to do. Murakami says the witches only have a one month supply, so that won’t work. Kogoro then says if the pill is made of crystalline compounds, they could determine the molecular structure and they could synthesize it within a month. Kogoro says they can examine the pill and determine if it’s crystalline within a day.

Kuroha is approached by a couple of girls and invited to go to karaoke. Without realizing what it is, she agrees. After Murakami explains it to her, she tries to get him to go with her. He has to tutor someone, but he gives her money to pay for the karaoke. While she’s out, Kuroha unknowingly shoots down a guy who’s interested in her. Murakami cuts his tutoring session short and goes to the karaoke place to make sure Kuroha is all right. Kuroha sees him, and there’s an awkward conversation.

When Murakami returns home, he gets a call from Kogoro saying that the pills are not made of crystalline compounds, so there’s no way to copy the pills within a month. Murakami doesn’t want to give up, though, and wants to find a way to locate the lab that the witches came from. While talking with the witches, he learns about a couple of rumors associated with the lab. Kuroha also says that she still wants Kogoro to copy the pills. Even if it may be too late for them, they’d be available for other witches who need them.

During the episode, Kazumi is showing that she’s interested in Murakami, but he’s too dense to figure it out. She ends up going to Akihabara with him in order to get a part she needs, and she tries to make it like a date as much as she can. Murakami also shows her a device that Kuroha had gotten when she escaped from the lab that she has given to Murakami. Together, they figure out what it is, and it shocks both of them.

While this episode had a focus on the witches and their future, there was a strong emphasis on relationships. It’s become clear that Kuroha has feelings for Murakami, but she believes that he’s in love with his childhood friend and not her. Kazumi also has feelings for Murakami, and she looks a little sad when the girls talk and Kana says that Murakami likes Kuroha.

With what’s revealed with the device at the end of the episode, I wonder how Murakami and the witches will proceed with the story. My guess is that whatever happens, Murakami will have to somehow do it alone in order to protect the witches.

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