One Week Friends: Episode 7 – “Friends of “Ah.”/Friends of “Whew.””

One Week Friends tells the story of two high school students: Yuki Hase and Kaori Fujimiya. Yuki notices that Kaori is alone and doesn’t have any friends. When he asks to be her friend, she thanks him for asking and tells him no. He starts spending lunch with her, and learns from her that on Mondays, all of her memories of the people she’s close to or wants to spend more time with are completely reset and she forgets them. However, her family is an exception.

Episode Seven was a little different in comparison to the previous six episodes. This episode is basically split in half with different titles for each part: “Friends of “Ah.”” and “Friends of “Whew.””

“Friends of “Ah”” opens with Yuki commenting that Kaori has stopped being cold to others in class and has started to talk with other students. He’s glad she’s making progress, but he’s coming to realize that the special times they’ve shared are becoming fewer and fewer.

During PE, a couple of girls come up to Kaori and ask what her relationship with Yuki is. The girls seem to think there’s more going on than friendship, even after Kaori explains that she sees Yuki as a very important friend. These girls are friends of Saki’s, and they tell Kaori that because she’s friends with Saki that they consider her a friend, too.

Later, Yuki asks Kaori to help him study for finals. She says she’ll invite Saki, but he asks her to only have it be the two of them. They study in the classroom after school and Shogo sees them. Yuki takes Shogo aside and asks him to leave so he can have time alone with Kaori. Shogo complies, but their time being alone is cut short when Saki comes in to get something done that their teacher asked her to do.

“Friend of “Whew.”” opens with Yuki realizing that summer vacation is coming up, because he thinks he won’t be able to see Kaori much and is afraid that she’ll forget about him. Shogo tells Yuki that he’s being a wimp and that he should ask Kaori to do things with him over the break. He doesn’t get around to it, and school is over for break. Shogo almost literally gives Yuki a kick in the pants so he can catch up to Kaori before she gets away and talk to her. When Yuki is able to talk to Kaori, she says they should hang out a lot over the break.

They agree to meet up on a Monday, and when they do, Kaori knows who Yuki is. When Yuki asks her about it, she says that she read her diary and had her usual reaction when she read it. However, when she sees him when they meet up, she somehow knew that he was Yuki.

As I watched this episode, I really got the feeling that the stage is being set for these two to progress from friendship to a romantic relationship. And with her change of recognizing Yuki at the end of the episode, perhaps her feelings toward him are already starting to change. Let’s be honest, having a romantic interest in someone is different from simply being friends with someone. This would make sense as to why she’s suddenly remembering him on sight when she hadn’t been before.

I’m glad to see Kaori starting to acquire more friends. To me, this episode is showing that she’s growing and changing as a character. However, this episode also made me think that there’s a distance starting to grow between Yuki and Shogo. If a relationship between Yuki and Kaori were to blossom, would this push Shogo out of the picture for Yuki?

One Week Friends continues to be a sweet series, and I really looked forward to watching it every Sunday. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode Eight in order to find out how this series will continue to move forward.

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