Nanana’s Buried Treasure: Episode 6 – “To the Hot Springs Town”

Nanana’s Buried Treasure sees a high school boy named Juugo Yama coming to Nanae Island and moving into a low-rent apartment in Happy House after being kicked out of the house by his father. It turns out the ghost of a girl named Nanana who was murdered in the apartment is bound there. Unfortunately, Juugo can’t afford to move out. After finding the “Nanana Manual” in his apartment, he learns more about Nanana and about Nanana’s Collection.

Episode Six sees the Adventure Club taking the trip to the hot springs town that was first mentioned in Episode Five. We learn early on that while Juugo’s job in Episode Five didn’t work out, he managed to scrape up enough money to pay his utilities and some pudding for Nanana.

This episode also formally introduces the audience to Tsurezure Kagetora, another member of the Adventure Club. While he had been seen at least once or twice prior to this episode, this is the first time where he’s been referred to by name.

When they get to the hot spring they’re staying at, the Adventure Club sees that Yukihime is also there. And when it’s time to settle into their rooms, Juugo asks for his own room because he’s been told he snores loudly.

The Adventure Club has dinner together, and Isshin shares where he has determined the ruins are. When Ikkyuu sees the floorplan, she notices something’s off about one of the rooms on the second floor and determines that must be where the ruins are. Isshin declares that they’ll meet up the next morning at 10:00 and check out the house.

The next morning, Juugo, Ikkyuu, and Daruku go to the meeting spot and learn from an employee that the other three had left some time ago. Realizing they’d been tricked, they head over to the house and find Isshin and the others. They have found the ruins and both groups try to be the first to get to the treasure chest. Juugo ends up getting there first, but it’s Isshin who opens it. He’s surprised to find a plush cat toy inside.

Later, the plush cat toy is stolen, and Ikkyuu ends up being the one to figure out who stole it…

This did end up being the “hot springs episode” for Nanana’s Buried Treasure, but it didn’t play like a typical hot springs episode as much as it could have. Considering the concept of this series, though, it probably would have been difficult to pull off a true hot springs episode.

There ended up being a twist in regards to the plush cat toy. Unfortunately, I had figured out most of it before it was revealed. I also had a vague idea of who stole it, but I hadn’t figured everything out in regards to the perpetrator.

As I watch Nanana’s Buried Treasure, I’ve come to realize that Juugo is less and less of a trustworthy character than I had taken him for back at the beginning of the series. It’s also looking less and less likely that Juugo is being honest about trying to help Nanana find her murderer. I hope I’m proven wrong on that, though.

Right now, I’m finding Nanana’s Buried Treasure to be an OK series, but I’m not liking it quite as much as I did when it first started. I’ll keep watching and seeing whether or not my opinion might change on it again before it ends.

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