Chaika – The Coffin Princess: Episode 6 – “Red and White”

Chaika – The Coffin Princess is set on the continent of Verbist. Five years prior to the beginning of the series, Arthur Gaz of the Gaz Empire had fallen, and his daughter Chaika escaped and is on the run. In the first episode, a saboteur named Toru meets Chaika, who can use magic and goes around with a coffin on her back. Toru, along with his younger sister, Akari, travel with Chaika as she tries to gather the remains of her father, Arthur Gaz.

At the beginning of Episode Six, both groups meet by the waterfall to exchange their Chaikas. Unfortunately, the exchange is interrupted when two of Gillette’s men attack them with cockatrices. During the fight, Toru is able to create a smokescreen. Unfortunately, this results in both groups needing to flee and arrange for another meeting.

When Toru, Akari, and red Chaika return to the vehicle, they find it’s buried in rubble. Fredrica offers to free the vehicle and then drive it since she can use magic. Fredrica transforms into a dragoon and removes the rubble from the vehicle. As she spends time with Toru, red Chaika decides to offer Toru a job working for her and paying more than white Chaika does. Toru just says he’ll think about it.

Akari goes into the town and finds David, the guy from the other group. They arrange to meet that evening in the central plaza. They meet at the plaza, and it looks like the exchange will go smoothly. However, it turns out that Selma, red Chaika’s female sidekick, is planning to kill white Chaika. However, it turns out Selma’s plans are thwarted.

Meanwhile, the Council of the Six Nations has convened, and the audience learns that the council views the Kliemann Organization’s investigation of Chaika as a waste of time and a joke. The council decrees that the organization needs to focus on stopping farming disputes. As expected, this doesn’t go over well with Gillette’s group.

As I watched this episode, the element of the two Chaikas worked even better than I had imagined that it would. With how the episode ended, white Chaika and the others are now going to be chased by red Chaika and her group with the intent of stealing the remains that they’ve gathered. But with red Chaika taking an interest in Toru, this could end up creating complications for red Chaika and her mission.

Toru and the others believe that they’re also still being pursued by Gillette and his men, since they’re not aware of the change of orders that they received from the Council of the Six Nations. Gillette was told not to defy the order, but I wonder if he’s really going to follow orders or not.

Chaika – The Coffin Princess is still an enjoyable series, and a strong foundation has been laid for the overarching story. I’m looking forward to seeing more of the series in order to find out how this story will end up progressing.

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