This issue includes chapters for All You Need Is Kill, One Piece, Naruto, World Trigger, Bleach, Toriko, Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, Nisekoi, and Stealth Symphony.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

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All You Need Is Kill CH:015

In the previous chapter, Keiji wakes up and finds that Rita’s there. Keiji is introduced to real coffee, but just as they’re about to enjoy their coffee, a javelin bullet comes through the wall. They discover the Mimics have entered the base. Rita and Keiji go out to take care of the Mimics, and the chapter ends as they’re about to start the fight. In this chapter, a guy on the base tries to keep Keiji from going out to fight the Mimics, but Keiji is determined to fight. Keiji has watched Rita enough on the battlefield that he knows what moves she’ll make, and he views the two of them as working as a team. They fight so well together that they inspire the other soldiers to take arms and fight the Mimics as well. At the end of the chapter, they find the server…

This chapter focuses exclusively on the battle with the Mimics, with the main emphasis being placed on Keiji and Rita. Because of this being a battle chapter, there’s a lot more in the way of action and a lot less in the way of dialogue. This makes this chapter a quick read. It was nice to see Keiji and Rita working so well together that they inspired others around them to take action. But now that Keiji has reached the server, what will he do? Chapter 16 should answer that question.

One Piece CH:747

In the previous chapter, Doflamngo shows the photos of the 12 people that he wants: Zoro, Kyros, Cyborg Franky, Viola, Foxfire Kin’emon, Nico Robin, Rebecca, Riku Doldo III, Trafalgar Law, Luffy, Sabo, and Usopp. Usopp is worth the most, and he’s suddenly being hunted by the people who were worshipping him. Luffy and the others have to decide what to do: do they defeat Doflamingo and risk angering Kaido? In this chapter, the people who had been turned into toys come streaming out from beneath the coliseum. Meanwhile, Doflamingo says he’s negotiated with Fujitora and that Navy won’t come after him. And he claims the game he has put before the citizens is an election to determine their king. A group of people are walking outside, and a balloon carrying Luffy, Zoro, and Trafalgar Law comes down. They find themselves being chased by citizens until the Naval Admiral appears on the scene. Right at the end of the chapter, Pica makes a grand entrance…

This chapter illustrates the chaos and confusion that’s now taking place in Dressrosa. The people coming out of the coliseum are trying to figure out where to go, and the people are trying to capture various characters to present them to Doflamingo. Even those in Doflamingo’s inner circle don’t seem to entirely know what’s going on, either. As a reader, the situation felt just as chaotic and confusing to me as I imagine it does for the characters in the story. This chapter seems to be one that’s trying to set the stage for moving forward instead of being a chapter that progresses the story. Hopefully the next chapter will see some kind of story progression.

Naruto CH:676

In the previous chapter, Sakura suddenly appears on the battlefield, and Kakashi explains that she’d been taken to another plane. Meanwhile, we see Madara in the other plane with Obito to try to get his Rinnegan. Naruto also does something surprising in regards to Kakashi’s eye. Kakashi has a flashback to when he first met Team 7, and then says he feels it’s fate that brought Team 7 back together. In this chapter, Madara appears before Team 7 and he has Rinnegan in both of his eyes. Sakura rushes toward Madara and is stabbed. However, she now has the ninja art of mitotic regeneration. As she tries to attack Madara, she finds there’s an invisible wall by him. Naruto ends up rescuing Sakura. Madara then casts four shadows and then uses Catastrophic Planetary Construction. Gaara and the others retreat and leave things up to Team 7. Naruto and Sasuke take on both threats. Right at the end of the chapter, Madara is able to unlock a new power…

This storyline just keeps getting more and more intense. It was awesome to see Sakura jump into the action with her ability for mitotic regeneration. It was unfortunate, though, that she had to be rescued by Naruto. After she’s rescued by Naruto, Sakura looks over at Sasuke and seems a little sad that he did nothing to help her. The end of this chapter raises the stakes even higher, and I’m looking forward to reading the next chapter in order to see how this battle with Madara continues.

World Trigger CH:060

In the previous chapter, Izumi’s group is trying to get support and information in order to go after the horned soldier that has come after them. Izumi and the other two begin their attack. Unfortunately, the horned solider seems to be reading their moves. The horned soldier flies up into the sky and launches an attack. Right at the end of the chapter, Izumi does something surprising. In this chapter, Midorikawa has a flashback to his training as he’s fighting the horned soldier. Midorikawa, along with the others in the group, end up working together to try to take the horned solider down. Even though the horned soldier may be making more accurate attacks, he’s also revealing openings. A strategy is formulated for the group to try to take the horned soldier down. Right at the end of the chapter, they’ve trapped the horned solider, and one of the guys in the group gets a good hit in on him…

This is another action-packed chapter, and it focuses exclusively on Midorikawa and his group as they fight with the horned soldier. As the chapter progresses, the group starts making some progress in the fight, and the major hit to the horned solider comes right at the end of the chapter. This chapter definitely progressed this particular battle forward, but that’s about all it accomplished. Hopefully, we’ll see even more progress in this particular battle in the next chapter.

Bleach CH:580

In the previous chapter, Gremmy talks with Kenpachi and figuring out how he lost. In the end, Gremmy realizes that his imagination came up short. Gremmy disappears, and Kenpachi starts coughing up blood. He calls out for Yachiru, but instead, several of his men come running over. Kenpachi asks if they’ve seen Yachiru, they say no. He tells the men to find her. In this chapter, a couple of women suddenly appear and start attacking, but Kenpachi tries to interfere with their plans. They think they’ve killed Kenpachi, but he gets back up. Another woman appears and sends a large building down toward Kenpachi. Another woman also appears, and Kenpachi’s men slash her and are splashed with her blood. Unfortunately, the people who have been splashed with her blood become corpses that only do what she says. The building is removed from Kenpachi. He’s still alive, but he can’t move. The women are debating who will kill Kenpachi when something happens in the sky above them…

This chapter begins a new story with Kenpachi with the arrival of a group of strange women with various powers. They are “The Thunderbolt,” “The Glutton,” “The Power,” and “The Zombie.” From what I can see in this chapter, it seems like their only intent for being there is to try to kill Kenpachi. They seemed to know who Gremmy was, so I’m wondering if they’re from the same group or not. I have a suspicion about what’s going on at the end of the chapter, and I’m curious to see if the next chapter will prove whether I’m right or not.

Toriko CH:277

In the previous chapter, the others are looking at the information that Toriko managed to send them. Toriko and Coco, meanwhile, encounter a mythical beast called Soylent Mean. Toriko creates his own illusions to thank the Soylent Mean for the illusions that it created. The others are able to arrive where Toriko and Coco are just as Toriko intimidates the Soylent Mean. After this, they sit down for a meal made from various creatures they encountered. As they finish, the frog-like creature appears again. In this chapter, we learn the frog-like creature is named Mappy and that he’s a travel frog from the Hex Food World. He has a vehicle that’s a Croakswagon. He says he has orders from the old Daruma to fetch them all. He also lets them know that Brunch is waiting for them. Toriko readily agrees to go with Mappy. Toriko and the others get in the Octomelon and follow the Croakswagon. Unfortunately, the Croakswagon takes them down a shortcut with a strong aura, which has a footprint of one of the Eight Kings. They reach the Golden Marsh, which they need to cross in order to reach the Hex Food World, but steel clouds start approaching…

Well, it turns out that Mappy, the frog-like creature, is a friend. It’s quite a change from earlier, when he was saying that he would eat Toriko and Coco. So I’m hoping that he is indeed a friend and can be trusted. There’s a lot of exposition in this chapter explaining some things about the Gourmet World. The chapter ends with them starting to head to where Mappy is supposed to take them, but a potential obstacle is in the way. I’m sure the next chapter will show us how this journey will progress.

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign CH:019

In the previous chapter, Yu talks to Shinoa about wanting to rescue Mika and that he wants Shinoa to be with him when the time comes. They are interrupted by the arrival of Guren, who is supposed to teach Yu the real way to use his Cursed Gear. Shinoa demonstrates how she can manifest her weapon and her demon. Guren then begins working with Yu, working up to having Guren’s demon possess him. After Yu is knocked off the roof, Shinoa reveals that Guren is the one who killed her sister, Mahiru, and that Mahiru had loved him. She also starts questioning him about his intentions for Yu. Yu returns before the conversation can go any further. Yu then throws out a question of his own to Guren. In this chapter, Shinoa is about to begin her training with Yu but horsemen arrive nearby. Yu is able to manifest his demon without being taught a thing, and he’s able to get the horsemen. Once that’s done, Shinoa begins the training, which includes a bit of exposition for the reader and for Yu. Then, Yu is told to spar with Mitsu, and he manages to get the upper hand. It turns out that Mitsu was demonstrating manifestation, and Shinoa gives exposition of this as well. Shinoa then begins talking about possession. Shinoa then tells Yu to have his gear “drink his blood.” Nothing happens right away, but Shinoa says they have to stay and watch him to make sure he doesn’t go berserk. Kimizuki then confronts Shinoa about situations that have happened recently. They decide that when Yu wakes up, they’ll tell him everything.

This chapter felt to be on the long side, and it included a LOT of exposition. While this exposition was important, the sheer amount of it made this chapter a bit of a chore to read. There’s only minor progression for the actual story in this chapter as well. Hopefully the next chapter won’t rely so heavily on exposition.

Nisekoi CH:122

In the previous chapter, Yui asks Raku if he’ll give his heart to the person who he made the promise with if he ever finds out who it is. His response is, “Well, not necessarily…” Yui makes Raku a deal: when he decides who he cares about most, that’s when she’ll tell him everything she knows. However, she does drop one vague hint about the pendant. After school one day, Raku sees Night, the girl who came with Yui, up in a tree. She tells Raku that if he ever hurts Yui, he’s dead meat. Raku also learns from his father why Yui wanted to be at Raku’s school. In this chapter, we are introduced to Ninjiro Fukuda, a 31-year-old assistant homeroom teacher at Raku’s school. We get to see his perspective on Yui being the new homeroom teacher, and he’s helping her counsel the students on future careers since she’s new. We also get to see the counseling sessions for some of the main characters: Marika, Seishiro, Onodera, Chitoge, and Raku.

This chapter feels like it’s “time kill” until the managaka is ready to progress the overarching story forward. All it really seems to do is simply reinforce what the reader already knows about these characters, their personalities, and their relationships with each other. Oh, well. Hopefully the next chapter will get us back to the main storyline.

Stealth Symphony CH:012

In the previous chapter, it turns out that members of the Assassin Guild have infiltrated Wavess’ merchandise and headquarters. The Assassin Guild member captures Wavess and makes her disappear from the universe alive. Jig then goes to the headquarters of STORK and he learns a lot about what was really going on during the job that he’d taken on. The chapter ends with the people who were saved showing their gratitude to Jig. Then there’s a brief CH:011.5 which shows the police getting information on Jig and his Dragon Heirloom. In this chapter, we learn that V&V has been hired to provide additional security for a festival to celebrate 100 years since gaining independence from the dragons’ rule. However, we also learn that being 100 years later, the dragon rulers are predicted to return. Jig is being taken around the festival. While that’s going on, we see a couple of people wondering what they’re planning to do with Jig. Alice, Troma, and others from V&V end up taking on a giant earthworm that disrupts the festivities.

For the most part, this chapter is more of a low-key one to give the reader a rest after finishing the previous story arc. However, with a couple of things that are said and done in this chapter, it appears that a foundation may also be starting to be built for the next story arc for the series. From what I saw near the end of the chapter, it looks like Alice from V&V could be an important character in the next story arc.

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