Brynhildr in the Darkness: Episode 6 – “The Reason For Her Smile”

At the beginning of Episode Six, Kuroha is upset that Shino was killed by Kikako. Kuroha tries heading over to Kikako, but Murakami stops her and presses on her harnest in order to hang her up. Through earlier observations, Murakami and Kuroha come up with a plan to try to distract Kikako in order for Murakami to get behind her and hang up her harnest. After explaining the plan to Kazumi, she hacks into electronic signs to make sure people stay out of the park they’re at.

Meanwhile, Takatori wanders in and is spotted by Kikako. Kuroha jumps in at this point, and Murakami leads her away. Takatori wanders off and Murakami finds her tying her arm to a pole. She plans to use her power to switch places with Kuroha and die in her place. Murakami tries talking her out of it and tells her that her magic is more powerful than she thinks. Just when it looks like Kikako is going to kill Kuroha, Takatori uses her magic to switch places with Kikako. This causes Kikako to be tied to the pole, and Murakami is easily able to hang up her harnest and put a paper bag over her head.

After subduing Kikako, Takatori disappears. Murakami and Kuroha find her at the address she had put down on her club form, and learn that she’s out of pills and went there to die. Kuroha tries to give her a pill, but she refuses. She explains that a witch that had been with her had helped her transfer into a Japanese school as a birthday present and had given up her pills so Takatori could live. After some words from Murakami, Takatori takes the pill that Kuroha offers her. Takatori ends up moving into the observatory with the other witches.

At the end of the episode, Murakami goes to enlist the aid of a scientist friend in order to try to obtain more pills for the witches. However, Murakami has to convince this scientist that magic is real.

This episode ultimately proves how incomplete Kana’s forecasts are, since she only seems to get a brief glimpse of what’s happening. Fortunately in the heat of the moment, Murakami was able to piece together what the forecast meant and how he could change things in order to turn the tide in their favor.

Episode Six also gave the audience some background on Takatori. I’m glad to see that I was wrong about her being the witch sent to hunt down other witches. Takatori seems like a sweet girl, and I think she’ll make for a good character to counteract Kazumi.

The episode also introduces a new character, Kogoro. He’s a scientist that Kazunari knows and tries to convince that magic is real. Kuroha helps him, and at first, Kogoro believes that Kanzunari somehow rigged explosives. However, when various random things that Kogoro points at suddenly break, Kogoro seems to start believing. I’m interested to see how this character will be able to help them procure the pills that the witches need.

Speaking of the pills, I’m glad to see that they’ve remained an integral part of the story and haven’t been swept under the rug after such a big deal had been made out of them in a previous episode.

Brynhildr in the Darkness continues to keep me engaged and wanting to come back each week for more. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode Seven and finding out how this story will progress.

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