In Episode Six, Chitaru tells Kirigaya that her target isn’t Haru, it’s an assassin called Angel’s Trumpet. Angel’s Trumpet is the coldest of murderers who kills using poison. It turns out this assassin killed Chitaru’s mentor’s daughter, and Chitaru has sworn to take revenge.

Last minute rehearsals are taking place for their performance of Romeo and Juliet. That night, Haru can’t find her script, so she and Tokaku go to the auditorium to look for it. Backstage, Kenmochi, the director, is looking through Haru’s script. As she does this, Kirigaya attacks her with poison and kills her. Tokaku and Haru find Kirigaya, and she hands her advance notice of assassination to Haru.

When Kenmochi’s death becomes known to the other assassins, Nio tries to claim that Tokaku killed Kenmochi in order to protect Haru because Kenmochi had sent an advance notice of assassination. Chitaru overhears this.

The story climaxes during the production of Romeo and Juliet. Truths are revealed, and the ending of the play ends up being more tragic than what was originally written in the script.

First off, I have to say that this episode ended up breaking the formula that had developed in previous episodes. Instead of only one assassin being killed by the end of the episode, a total of three are killed. I’m not surprised that the two additional assassins who died in this episode ended up dying together, because they ended up being shown as a pair.

Unfortunately, the only one of the three assassins to get any real backstory in this episode is Chitaru. Kenmochi ended up dying without ever getting any real backstory given for her, so her death ended up not being a major deal.

With how tragic the story of the two other assassins that are killed is, the backdrop of Romeo and Juliet worked perfectly.

While I did like that the formula was shaken up a little for Episode Six, I suspect we’ll be returning to the formula of developing one of the assassins, who ends up being written out at the end of the episode.

I’ve invested this much time in Riddle Story of Devil already, I’ll keep on going with it in order to see how it will ultimately come to an end.

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