One Week Friends: Episode 6 – “Mothers of Friends.”

One Week Friends tells the story of two high school students: Yuki Hase and Kaori Fujimiya. Yuki notices that Kaori is alone and doesn’t have any friends. When he asks to be her friend, she thanks him for asking and tells him no. He starts spending lunch with her, and learns from her that on Mondays, all of her memories of the people she’s close to or wants to spend more time with are completely reset and she forgets them. However, her family is an exception.

At the beginning of Episode Six, both Yuki and Saki find out they failed a math test and have to take a make-up test. They both ask Kaori to tutor them because she’s good at math. She agrees, and Yuki and Saki, along with Shogo, go to Kaori’s house.

When Kaori announces to her mother that she’s brought friends home, her mother is flustered but also happy to see that Kaori has brought friends home. While they’re at Kaori’s house, studying is rather hit-and-miss.

When the group leaves that night, Kaori’s mother hands Yuki a note when Kaori isn’t around asks for him to read it later. It turns out to be a note asking Yuki to meet with Kaori’s mother after school at a park because she needs to talk to him.

When Yuki meets Kaori’s mother the next day, he learns that Kaori had been hit by a car in the sixth grade on a Sunday evening and had been unconscious for a few days. When she awoke, she didn’t recognize the friends who had come to visit her. Her mother says that while Kaori suffered a mild concussion, there’s nothing wrong with her brain. Her mother believes the accident itself wasn’t responsible for the memory loss. She also mentions that Kaori had a lot of friends before the accident, and that she had been going out to meet an important friend the day she was in the accident.

This episode finally provided both Yuki and the viewer with some important information in regards to Kaori. With the information that was provided in this episode, I’m going to predict that on the day of the accident, Kaori had some kind of a falling out with the important friend that she was meeting and was so upset that she ran out into the road without looking and was hit by the car. If that’s right, then the memory loss is probably a combination of the accident and the fact that she lost a friend on a Sunday evening that her mind wants to reset everything on Mondays. I’m curious to see whether or not my prediction on this is anywhere near correct.

Other important developments in this episode include Shogo and Kaori awkwardly becoming friends, Kaori not getting upset at Yuki for talking to her in the classroom, and Kaori’s mother seeming to approve of Yuki as a potential boyfriend for her daughter.

I’m enjoying the series, but now that we’re at the halfway point, I’m a little afraid that something’s going to happen to affect Kaori and/or Yuki negatively. Overall, everything has been going a little too “easily,” and I’m feeling like we’re being set up for something drastic to happen. Kaori already lost the notebook in an earlier episode, so it isn’t that. I have no idea what to predict that could have a negative effect on either one or both of them, though.

I’m looking forward to watching Episode Seven in order to find out what’s going to happen next.

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