English Cast Announced for the Samurai Bride Anime

Sentai Filmworks has announced the English cast for the Samurai Bride television anime:

  • Emily Neves is Jubei Yagyu
  • Ben Wabal is Muneakira Yagyu
  • Mina Jetois is Yukimura Sanada
  • Eileen Dover is Matabei Goto
  • Tabitha Hickey is Sen Tokugawa
  • Ophelia Cox is Hanzo Hattori
  • Vestal Vee is Kanetsugu Naoe
  • Circe Nightshade is Gisen Yagyu
  • Misty Tang is Charles d’Artagnan
  • Adele Dazeem is Sasuke Sarutobi
  • Molly Searcy is Miyamoto Musashi
  • Goldie Fawn is Kojiro Sasaki
  • Rozie Pucker is Mataemon Araki
  • Eunice Mais Natch is Kozoin Ishun
  • Ivan Schtenhart is Yoshihiko Tokugawa
  • Monica Rial is Keiji Maeda

Additional voices are provided by Shannon Hilzavize, Joy Tuthuworl, and Mona Lott.

Source: Fandom Post

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