Anime DVD Review: Outlaw Star Complete Collection

Outlaw Star Complete Collection is a six-disc set that contains all 26 episodes of the series. However, when you look at the discs in the set, it’s very obvious that all Bandai did was to combine three different two-disc sets in order to release this collection. The labels on the top of the discs weren’t changed, so the first two discs are labeled as “DVD Collection 1,” the next two discs are labeled as “DVD Collection 2,” and the final two discs are labeled as “DVD Collection 3.”

Outlaw Star Complete Collection
English Publisher: Bandai Entertainment
Format: DVD
Release Date: March 28, 2006

The first disc has five episodes, the second disc has four episodes and some extras, the third disc has five episodes, the fourth disc has four episodes and some extras, the fifth disc has four episodes, and the sixth disc has four episodes and some extras.

Outlaw Star is set in the distant future, and the main character of the series is a man named Gene Starwind. Gene’s a player and a slacker, who manages to eke out a living by doing the occasional odd job or by doing some bounty hunting. Jim Hawking is Gene’s 11-year-old business partner and sidekick. Jim’s a computer expert and accountant, and it’s up to him to take care of the finances and the plans. They run a small business on a planet known as Sentinel III.

One day, a woman going by the name of Rachell calls and asks for their assistance to acquire parts and to serve as bodyguards. It turns out that Rachell is an alias, and the woman is actually a notorious space pirate named Hilda. Hilda is being followed by other space pirates who want a treasure that she has, which is a space ship known as the Outlaw Star and a biohuman named Melfina that helps to run the ship.

Early on in the series, Hilda is killed. Gene takes possession of the Outlaw Star and Melfina, and he also learns that there’s an intelligence inside the ship that goes by the name of Gilliam. Gilliam and Melfina work together to run the ship.

Along the way, Gene and Jim pick up a couple more crew members: Suzuka and Aisha. Suzuka is an assassin who was hired to kill Gene’s wealthy friend, Fred. However, Gene thwarts Suzuka’s attempt, and now Suzuka is trying to assassinate Gene. She joins the crew in order to keep him alive through the adventure so she can get her bounty.

Aisha is a catgirl from the Ctarl-Ctarl alien race who is being punished by her race for having unknowingly let Hilda escape early on in the series. She tricks Gene into letting her on the ship during the Space Race, and she has remained on the ship ever since. Together, they are looking for the Galactic Leyline, which is rumored to have treasure.

Overall, Outlaw Star is a rather enjoyable series. However, there are a couple of small nitpicks I have near the end of it. The first is the noticeable decrease in the animation quality in the last few episodes. The second has to do with the fact that the series doesn’t truly end, and that you have to simply accept some of the things that happen right at the end.

As for the bonuses included on the set, they are very similar to each other on the discs that include them. The second disc has the textless opening, the fourth disc has a textless version of the first closing, and the sixth disc has a textless version of the second closing. Each disc also has a gallery: the second disc has 13 pages of character line art for a Character Gallery, the fourth disc has 12 pages of art of the mecha and weapons for a Mecha Gallery, and the sixth disc has 15 pages for a Cover Art Gallery.

Between these three discs, there are also trailers for various properties that Bandai was promoting at the time this DVD set was released. All three of these discs also include DVD credits.

Even though the Outlaw Star Complete Collection DVD box set is more or less a “bare bones” release, this is still the best way to acquire all of the episodes of Outlaw Star on DVD. If you enjoy Outlaw Star and don’t currently have the series in your home video collection, I would recommend purchasing this set. Unfortunately, this set is now out of print, so I would recommend trying to track down a used copy at websites or brick-and-mortar stores that sell used DVDs and trying to find the best price you can for it.

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  1. servantofpriss · May 18, 2014

    Outlaw Star needs HD remaster fast.

    Just as long as Bandai isn’t handling it, everything will be fine.

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