At the beginning of Episode Six, Nike uses her ability to make it rain to help some of the local farmers. She sneaks out of the castle to visit with them, but Livius is able to see her and shoots a blank from a cannon to tell her to come back to the castle.

When Nike returns to the castle, she goes straight to Livius and starts giving him an earful. During this, Livius tells Nike he wants her to stop addressing him as “you” and to start using his first name. Before this can go much further, a girl about Livius’ age bursts in and claims that she’s his fiancée. She also declares that she’s not going home until Nike leaves there in tears.

We learn the blond girl is Princess Amaluna Luirasael, the first royal daughter of the Ocean Kingdom; she goes by the name Luna. She’s a childhood friend of Livius’ and declared herself as Livius’ fiancée years ago. However, Livius has no interest in her that way.

Luna tries to make life miserable for Nike in an effort to get her out of the picture. However, Livius has a conversation with Nike and reassures her that he’s not going to let her go, no matter what anyone else says.

Luna challenges Nike to a duel that’s known as a Chitty-Chitty Death Horse Race to a Cliff. Nike agrees to the duel, and the climax of the episode takes place during the duel.

Personally, I found Luna to be a rather annoying character. She was even more of a loudmouth than Nike. Let’s be honest, there are times when Nike can be a loudmouthed character. For most of the episode I thought that Luna was rather full of herself.

It turns out that it’s been three years since Luna and Livius had last seen each other, and that was the time when Livius ascended to the throne after his mother’s death. The last time she saw him, she was scared by how much he seemed to change and hadn’t stayed in contact. The reason she reappeared was that she heard about Livius being engaged to Nike. While I may not have cared much for Luna as a character, her appearance helped to provide a little more background for Livius, as well as helped to ultimately make the relationship between Livius and Nike stronger.

I was relieved to see Episode Six end on a satisfactory note and that someone who could have gotten in the way of things ended up not succeeding. However, from the preview for Episode Seven, it appears that someone is going to be making an appearance to try to take Nike away from Livius.

I should note that Episode Seven didn’t stream this week as usual, and that it won’t appear on Crunchyroll until May 24. Because of this, there won’t be a writeup for The World is Still Beautiful on the blog next week because of that delay. As a free user, I won’t be able to see Episode Seven until May 31, 2014.

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