At the beginning of Episode Five, the Adventure Club gets together. Isshin tells them that he has a lead on where there may be ruins in a hot springs town on the west side of the island. He decides they’ll take an overnight trip next weekend, and when Juugo says he doesn’t have the money to go and has maxed out his allowance for part-time work that month, Isshin says he has some extra and can pay for him.

Later, Juugo gets a message from Yukihime asking to meet him somewhere. When they meet, she asks when he’ll return to Matsuri. He says never, and then she makes a point of how he’s accepting an allowance from his father even though he’s been disowned. Juugo says he can’t go back because he can’t approve of Matsuri’s intentions and has no interest in just doing things to help people. He tells Yukihime to take his allowance. When she asks Juugo what she is to him, he answers that she’s sort of an older sister who’s helped him out a lot. Upon hearing this, she says the conversation’s over and that she never wants to see his face again.

When Juugo returns home, the manager is there to get his utility payment. When he sees how much it is, he says money’s a little tight. The manager says she needs the money by the weekend or he’ll be evicted.

Juugo learns about a Guild at school that specializes in helping people find part-time work in secret. He finds a delivery job that takes him to the Tsukuyomi District, which is a lawless district where the black sheep of the island come together and the police won’t touch them. Juugo runs into Shuu, who is also from Matsuri. Juugo gets to where he needs to go to make the delivery and discovers there’s a connection with Nanana’s Collection.

This episode puts a lot of focus on Juugo and his money problems. We also got to see more of Yukihime and Shuu, the two members of Matsuri who had made occasional appearances. So far, Yukihime seems to be more important than Shuu, and I also got the impression from this episode that she could potentially be interested in Juugo. In their meeting scene, there was a little bit of “fanservice” she directed his way, and she also seemed rather upset to be seen as an “older sister.” I admit I could be reading too much into it, but this seems to fit from what’s been presented.

We were also introduced to three new characters when Juugo made his delivery, but I don’t know if we’ll necessarily see them again or not. Juugo makes it clear at the end of the episode that he wants nothing to do with them, but perhaps their paths may cross again.

Well, it looks like Episode Six could end being Nanana’s Buried Treasure‘s requisite “hot springs episode,” since the Adventure Club will more than likely go to the hot springs town in that episode.

So far, Nanana’s Buried Treasure has been an interesting series, but I can’t really say whether it’s one I truly enjoy or not. I’ll keep going with it and see how it progresses.

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