Review: Weekly Shonen Jump (May 12, 2014)

This issue includes chapters for Nisekoi, All You Need Is Kill, Toriko, Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign, One Piece, Naruto, One-Punch Man, Bleach, World Trigger, Stealth Symphony, Blue Exorcist, and Japanese Editor Picks.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

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Nisekoi CH:121

In the previous chapter, Raku examines a key he found on Yui and determines that it’s broken at the tip, but it looks to be about the right size for his pendant lock. When Raku asks her about the key she wears around her neck, Yui claims to recognize the lock and she drops a hint about something that she won’t elaborate on at that time. After school, Yui is gathered with Raku and his other suitors, and she reveals she was there 10 years ago and has a key. Yui also says she recognizes all of them. Unfortunately, it turns out Yui has no memory of what the promise was that they made with Raku 10 years ago. In this chapter, Yui asks Raku if he’ll give his heart to the person who he made the promise with if he ever finds out who it is. His reponse is, “Well, not necessarily…” Yui makes Raku a deal: when he decides who he cares about most, that’s when she’ll tell him everything she knows. However, she does drop one vague hint about the pendant. After school one day, Raku sees Night, the girl who came with Yui, up in a tree. She tells Raku that if he ever hurts Yui. he’s dead meat. Raku also learns from his father why Yui wanted to be at Raku’s school.

This chapter has a strong focus on providing more background on Yui. Both the audience and Raku learn that Raku is essentially the only family Yui has left now, because both of her parents died of illness several years ago, and she has no siblings or other family. At the end of the volume, Yui says something while Raku is asleep; that she’s always loved him more than just a little brother. She confirms what the audience had already suspected, but Raku is still in the dark, since he was asleep when she said it.

All You Need Is Kill CH:014

In the previous chapter, Keiji goes back in the time loop to before Rita knew anything about him being stuck in a time loop. Rita picks up pretty quickly they had a conversation like this in an earlier loop. They spend some time together and remember what it was like to have fun before being they ended up in their time loops. In this chapter, Keiji wakes up and finds that Rita’s there. Keiji is introduced to real coffee, and he declares that after the war is over, he’s going to treat her to best green tea ever in return for the coffee. Just as they’re about to enjoy their coffee, a javelin bullet comes through the wall; they discover the Mimics have entered the base. Rita and Keiji go out to take care of the Mimics, and the chapter ends as they’re about to start the fight…

This chapter focuses on Keiji and Rita spending some more time together. At the point where Keiji makes a comment about the war ending sometime, and that it will end because she and him will make sure it will, Rita says that she believes he will. To me, this sounded rather ominous. Does Rita somehow know that she’s going to die before the war ends, and if so, how? Even if she herself doesn’t know, I think the author is leading us to believe that Rita’s going to die before the end of the story. I’m very curious to see how this story will progress, and whether or not I’m right about Rita.

Toriko CH:276

In the previous chapter, Toriko and Coco discover that they have found real food; they have discovered a restaurant that’s run by a creature that looks like a frog. However, they learn pretty quickly that this creature isn’t what it appears to be on the surface. The creature that fed Toriko and Coco is wanting to kill them, and they end up being surrounded by leech heels. Just as it appears all hope seems lost, Coco is able to save the day. In this chapter, the others are looking at the information that Toriko managed to send them. Toriko and Coco, meanwhile, encounter a mythical beast called Soylent Mean. Toriko creates his own illusions to thank the Soylent Mean for the illusions that it created. The others are able to arrive where Toriko and Coco are just as Toriko intimidates the Soylent Mean. After this, this sit down for a meal made from various creatures they encoutnered. As they finish, the frog-like creature appears again…

This chapter gets Toriko and the others through the immediate danger that they’d faced for at least the past two or three chapters. I definitely enjoyed seeing Toriko intimidating the Soylent Mean. Some pages of the chapter were devoted to their meal, and getting descriptions of the various things that the group was eating, which seems to be a rather typical for Toriko. The chapter ends with the frog-like creature making a return, and I wonder what this may bode. Will he still want to kill them, or will he now be friendly with them?

Seraph of the End: Vampire Reign CH:018

In the previous chapter, Shinoa runs into Mitsura and learns about Mitsura’s promotion to “Vampire Extermination Unit Second Lieuteant.” Yu is subjected to another test. He learns that there’s a growing suspicion that there’s a vampire spy within the demon army, and Yu is accused. Two of Yu’s friends are brought in and he’s told that if he resists, his friends will be killed. But after the questioning, it’s determined that Yu could become a spy on Guren and to become a subordinate of a member of the Hiragi family. Yu agrees. In this chapter, Yu talks to Shinoa about wanting to rescue Mika and that he wants Shinoa to be with him when the time comes. They are interrupted by the arrival of Guren, who is supposed to teach Yu the real way to use his Cursed Gear. Shinoa demonstrates how she can manifest her weapon and her demon. Guren then begins working with Yu, working up to having Guren’s demon possess him. After Yu is knocked off the roof, Shinoa reveals that Guren is the one who killed her sister, Mahiru, and that Mahiru had loved him. She also starts questioning him about his intentions for Yu. Yu returns before the conversation can go any further. Yu then throws out a question of his own to Guren. The chapter ends with Shinoa beginning her official training with Yu.

This chapter feels like it’s a little longer than some of this series’ chapters that I’ve read, and there’s definitely a lot of exposition going on in it. This exposition was very useful for me, since I jumped into this series after it had already gotten going. It provided me with background on Yu, as well as some information about Shinoa’s sister and Guren. The story itself didn’t progress much in this chapter, but it was definitely informative. Hopefully the next chapter will continue the story.

One Piece CH:746

In the previous chapter, it’s apparent that Doflamingo plans to massacre the populace in order to keep the truth of what’s going on from getting out. People begin being controlled and forced to attack discriminately, while Pica is changing the lay of the land with his stone powers. Doflamingo challenges the people and guests of Dressrosa to a game, where the object is to kill Doflamingo or bring the people he lists off to him. In this chapter, people realize what’s going on is just like what happened 10 years earlier. Doflamngo shows the photos of the 12 people that he wants: Zolo, Kyros, Cyborg Franky, Viola, Foxfire Kin’emon, Nico Robin, Rebecca, Riku Doldo III, Trafalgar Law, Luffy, Sabo, and Usopp. Usopp is worth the most, and he’s suddenly being hunted by the people who were worshipping him. Luffy and the others have to decide what to do: do they defeat Doflamingo and risk angering Kaido?

This chapter gets rather intense for One Piece. The stakes are raised for our heroes, because many of them are now worth a bounty that Doflamingo has placed on their heads. In addition to that, Luffy and the others have to figure out what they’re going to do not only to try to save their own necks, but what course of action they should take against the enemies. The question about the enemies isn’t answered in this chapter, though, because Luffy is more concerned about trying to make sure they’re not captured or killed for Doflamingo’s bounty. It’ll be interesting to see how this story progresses.

Naruto CH:675

In the previous chapter, the fight with Madara begins. With his Rinnegan, Sasuke is able to see that there’s more than one Madara; while Naruto may not be able to see the other Madara, he can sense him. They realize physical attacks don’t work on the second Madara. Sasuke figures something out, and lays out a plan to Naruto. Just as it looks like Naruto and Sasuke have Madara defeated, their enemy shifts. Naruto notices that Madara is headed for Kakashi, and steals Kakashi’s left eye for the Sharingan. In this chapter, Sakura suddenly appears on the battlefield, and Kakashi explains that she’d been taken to another plane. Meanwhile, we see Madara in the other plane with Obito to try to get his Rinnegan. Naruto also does something surprising in regards to Kakashi’s eye. Kakashi has a flashback to when he first met Team 7, and then says he feels it’s fate that brought Team 7 back together.

These chapters of Naruto are making it clear that we’re getting closer and closer to the end of the story. If Madara succeedds in getting Obito’s Rinnegan, then we’ll probably be treated to a majorly climactic battle soon. Naruto is one of the series in Weekly Shonen Jump that I truly look forward to reading every week, especially now that it’s gotten so intense and so climactic. There’s always new surprises being thrown out there, and that helps to make the story rather unpredictable. It’s this unpredictability that really has me hooked right now.

One-Punch Man Bonus Chapter

This bonus chapter focuses on the mysteries behind Bang’s dojo and his number one disciple, Charanko.

Personally, this four page bonus chapter didn’t do much for me. But then again, I jumped into the middle of series, and after a few chapters, I hardly know who anyone is or really care about what’s going on. Readers who are fans of One-Punch Man, though, will probably better understand and appreciate this bonus story than I do.

Bleach CH:579

In the previous chapter, Gremmy says he’ll kill Kenpachi with something without form… wrapped in the void of outer space. As Gremmy is doing this, Kenpachi points out that Gremmy forgot to harden his body. Gremmy gets away, and there’s an explosion; however, Kenpachi isn’t killed in the explosion. Just as Gremmy is about to launch an attack, something happens… and it looks like Gremmy may have been defeated. In this chapter, Gremmy talks with Kenpachi and figuring out how he lost. In the end, Gremmy realizes that his imagination came up short. Gremmy disappears, and Kenpachi starts coughing up blood. He calls out for Yachiru, but instead, several of his men come running over. Kenpachi asks if they’ve seen Yachiru, they say no. He tells the men to find her.

This chapter focuses a lot on Gremmy in his final moments, and I can say that I’m glad to see that he’s gone. Kenpachi is now worried about Yachiru, because he can’t sense her spiritual pressure. Kenpachi is concerned about her, and he insists that the men around him go to locate her. I hope Yachiru is all right.

World Trigger CH:059

In the previous chapter, we see more fighting going on with the Neighbors. The Neighbors try to capture Chika, which is being done through the enemy’s magnetic trigger. Kyosuke and Osamu are ordered to hurry to headquarters with the C-Ranks and to keep Amatori out of the Neighbor’s magnetic range. In this chapter, Izumi’s group is trying to get support and information in order to go after the horned soldier that has come after them. Izumi and the other two begin their attack. Unfortunately, the horned solider seems to be reading their moves. The horned soldier flies up into the sky and launches an attack. Right at the end of the chapter, Izumi does something surprising…

The action continues, although it only focuses on Izumi and his group as they try to fight against the horned soldier. For most of the chapter, it appears that the horned soldier has the upper hand, and I really starting to think that Izumi and his group would be taken down. However, Izumi is able to surprise the horned soldier with a couple of surprising moves and may have potentially turned the tide of the battle. This was a great way to end the chapter; unfortunately, since there’s at least two different stories taking place right now, I have no idea whether or not the next chapter will continue this one, return to Kyosuke and Osamu, or if there will be another story.

Stealth Symphony CH:011

In the previous chapter, Wavess attacks Troma and declares that their contract is now null and void. However, it turns out Troma and the people he was with were protected from her attack. A dragon has manifested itself and it repels the attacks that Wavess throws at the people she’s trying to kill. She then uses her power to levitate various vehicles to hurl at those who oppose her. She is just as unsuccessful as she was before. In this chapter, it turns out that members of the Assassin Guild have infiltrated Wavess’ merchandise and headquarters. The Assassin Guild member captures Wavess and makes her disappear from the universe alive. Jig then goes to the headquarters of STORK and he learns a lot about what was really going on during the job that he’d taken on. The chapter ends with the people who were saved showing their gratitude to Jig. Then there’s a brief CH:011.5 which shows the police getting information on Jig and his Dragon Heirloom.

This chapter wraps up the storyline with STORK and Wavess. Jig, along with the readers, also learns some information about what really had been going on this whole time. I admit that I hadn’t seen the Assassin Guild’s involvement coming. After seeing this, I’m sure we’ll be seeing more of them as the series continues. And now that Jig has attracted the attention of local law enforcement, I imagine things will start getting harder for him as the story continues.

Blue Exorcist CH:057

In the previous chapter, it appears Rin and the others have been separated after falling through the trapdoor. Chief Researcher Mikhail Gedoin has arrived and he gives an update on what’s going on with Izumo and that he will be transplanting the nine tails from her father’s body and put it into her. He also relays that he’s captured Rin and his younger brother. Gedoin is ordered not to do anything to Rin. After leaving the meeting, Gedoin is informed that Izumo’s transplant capability is only 0.08 percent, and if they perform the procedure now, the transplant may fail and that Izumo will die. Gedoin then decides he’ll kill Rin, going against the commander’s orders. Meanwhile, a creature is unleashed to go after Rin and the others. In this chapter, we see Konekomaru Miwa fights against a Chimera Zombie. Unfortunately, he’s having issues because this zombie regenerates. He tries to make a break for it, but the zombie follows him. He ends up being saved by Kuro. When the zombie tries to attack, Kuro goes after it and tells Konekomaru to find Rin and the others. As he runs, he finds Yukio fighting another Chimera Zombie. Yukio seems to have found a way to subdue his and tells Konekomaru to check on the others. The chapter ends with Ryuji fighting a Chimera Zombie.

This chapter has a strong focus on characters fighting against Chimera Zombies. The most time is spent on Konekomaru, and we get to see Yukio just subduing one, and Ryuji is just beginning his fight with one. The story itself doesn’t really progress at all here, and honestly, I don’t have much to say about this one. This is only the third chapter I’ve read of this story, and I jumped into the middle of a story arc. Hopefully I’ll have more to say before long.

Japanese Editor Picks

This is a new feature where the editors from the various Weekly Shonen Jump series recommend their favorite chapters. In this installment, we get recommendations from Yu Saito, the editor for Nisekoi.

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