Riddle Story of Devil: Episode 5 – “How Do You Get a Bird Out of Its Cage…”

Riddle Story of Devil focuses on Year 10, Black Class at Myojo Academy, which is made up of 13 students: 12 assassins disguised as students and their target, Haru Ichinose. The main assassin to be focused on is Tokaku Azuma, who ends up being roommates with Haru. At the end of Episode Two, Tokaku declares that she will be Haru’s protector.

Episode Five sees Black Class being told they’re going to be putting on a production of Romeo and Juliet for the Myojo Private School Anniversary Festival. While the class is working on getting ready for the play, Haruki is getting ready to try to assassinate Haru.

This episode also reveals to the audience that Haruki comes from a big family, and that the money she makes from assassinations helps to pay for things for her family.

Haruki talks with Tokaku, and tells her that they should work at giving Haru her freedom. Haruki tells Tokaku to meet her at that spot later that night. At the same time, she sends a message to Haru saying to meet in the auditorium that night. When Haru gets there, Haruki comes from out of the shadows and tries to strangle her. Fortunately, Tokaku is able to come to her rescue…

Not only did this episode provide some backstory for Haruki, it also provided some backstory for Tokaku through a flashback and her explaining her family to Nio and Haru. After hearing this, I’m sure that Tokaku’s family would not be pleased to hear that she’s protecting Haru instead of going after her.

And once again, we finally get some backstory for one of the other characters that ends up being written out of the show at the end of the episode. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again: this format is a little on the frustrating side for me, because I’ll finally get to know one of the other characters and then they disappear. With this format, it becomes hard to truly care about most of the characters because you don’t know much about them until it’s their turn to try to assassinate Haru. And at that point, it’s just not worth it. The only characters I truly care about now are Tokaku and Haru.

At this point, the main thing keeping me interested in the series is discovering who will be the next person to try to assassinate Haru and how they’re going to try to do it.

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