At the beginning of Episode Five, Takatori hands in her club application for the astronomy club to Murakami. Murakami decides that now that there’s new club members, they should bond over some astronomical observation on a mountain the next day. When Kazumi and Kana try to say they don’t want to, Murakami declares that it’s a required activity if you want to be a member of the club.

The next night, they start looking at the stars through a telescope at their event. As Takatori looks through it, Murakami notices the harnest on the back of her neck. At the same time, Kana has a forecast that shows her that Kuroha will be killed and that Takatori is standing next to her and smiling. When Takatori is confronted about this, she says that she’s a witch but that she’s not out to kill Kuroha. She demonstrates her magic, which is teleportation. Unfortunately, her harnest hangs up when she uses it. Before the end of the event, Kana has another forecast.

Later, Kana confides to Murakami that her forecast has changed: instead of Kuroha being killed, it will be him. The next day, Kana provides more information: the event will probably happen that night at a lake that’s near the observatory. Kazumi gets a call from Shino, who says an AA+ witch is after her and two of the witches with her have already been killed. When Murakami tries to stop Kuroha from going to save Shino, she uses her magic to get him out of her way. Both Takatori and Murakami chase after Kuroha. What they see when they get to the lake catches them by surprise.

Also in this episode, Murakami learns from Kazumi that Kuroha was experimented on so much that she doesn’t have a single childhood memory left. Between this and a couple of things that Kuroha says and does that harken back to when Murakami and Kuroneko were little, Murakami is led to believe that perhaps Kuroha really is Kuroneko and that she just doesn’t remember.

At the end of Episode Four, I really believed that Takatori was the witch sent from the lab to hunt down Kuroha, Kana, and Kazumi. However, by the end of Episode Five, I came to realize that the audience had been led to believe one thing, but it ended up being something else. The witch that really is after them is a very dangerous one, though, as we saw at the end of Episode Five. How are Kuroha, Murakami, and Takatori going to defeat this new threat?

I’m looking forward to watching Episode Six in order to find out what’s going to happen next.

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