In Episode Five, Tsutomu gives Teppei a mission: wake up one of the participants of the Kivotos Plan that is currently in cold sleep in the Tenkaidou‘s Ark block. Teppei learns this participant’s name is Eiji Arashi, and he is the one who gave Teppei, a designer child, his genes.

Akari accompanies Teppei on his mission, under the guise of wanting to see her mother. As they board, Teppei notices another shuttle and has suspicions about it. As Akari and Teppei carry out their mission, they realize that someone else is also trying to get to their target.

Akari and Teppei reach Eiji first and wake him up. Eiji knows who Teppei is, and tries treating him like a son. It becomes a rather awkward situation for Teppei, because he doesn’t think of Eiji that way, and Teppei has no real concept of being loved by a parent.

As they try to make their escape, they have a run-in with the other group that’s after Eiji. Eiji is shot, but isn’t in any mortal danger. However, when they try to capture the other group’s shuttle, Eiji uses a tranquilizer gun to put Teppei to sleep. Eiji then admits to Akari that he was injured worse than he thought, and he’s in no shape to protect her and Teppei. Eiji surrenders himself to the other group.

This episode has a very strong emphasis on Teppei, which also helps to bring in the concept of the Kivotos Plan. This is basically a plan for carefully chosen elites to escape Earth. Akari mentions that her mother is requesting that Akari be in the third group of sleepers, because her mother is part of the Ark Faction. However, Akari says she’s definitely part of the Intercept Faction.

But now I’m confused. In Episode Four, it was intimated that Teppei is actually a Kiltgang. But in Episode Five, it’s now said that he’s a designer child who received his genes from Eiji. So which of these backstories is true for Teppei? Are both true, and if so, how? While this was an interesting story, this discrepancy makes me more confused instead of clarifying anything. I hope that we’ll get a satisfactory explanation for the discrepancy at some point during the series.

From what I saw in the preview for Episode Six, it appears the Kivotos Plan will play an important part in that one as well.

So the story and its elements continue to slowly be revealed over the course of the series. I’m interested in the series and what’s going on, but I am also a little frustrated at just how slowly the storyline is being revealed. Just as I thought I was starting to understand the story, new concepts are slowly being thrown out there that I have to try to fit into my understanding of the series. I hope that by the time the final episode of Captain Earth ends, that the story will have been told satisfactorily.

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