The beginning of Episode Five continues Nike’s Rite of Illumination. She’s discovered that this is actually a trap set by Randa and Aristes, and that they intend to kill her. Just as it looks like she’s going to be killed, she disappears.

Nike discovers that Livius is the one who saved her, and that he used a route that’s only known by the royal family to get to her. Nike is able to create fog to provide some cover as they try to find a way out. Unfortunately, they are found. However, Livius is able to use his sword to knock their pursuer down.

After they get away from their pursuer, Livius says he had to come after her because he didn’t want her to disappear like his mother did. There’s a very sweet scene here, but Nike ruins the moment by telling Livius that if he wasn’t the Sun King, he’d have zero appeal. They have a quick argument, but then resolve to come up with a plan to cover up the fact that they don’t have rings for the Exchanging of Suns ceremony.

The ceremony is officiated by Rani Learte. When the box is opened and no rings are inside, Nike apologizes for not being able to acquire the ring from the temple. Livius then says that Nike believes a musty old ring from underground is unworthy of the Sun King, and then he declares Nike will place a giant ring around the sun itself.

Nike is able to successfully create a halo effect, which surprises everyone in attendance. Randa creates a disturbance, and the truth of everything that happened in the past couple of episodes is revealed.

I really enjoyed the scene during the Rite of Illumination when Livius reveals his true feelings for Nike. It’s too bad she ruined the moment, though. During their short argument, he claims to take back everything he said. However, I do believe that he was being honest with her.

I loved seeing Randa and Aristes getting knocked down a couple of pegs during the climax of the Exchanging of Suns ceremony scene. I really liked seeing how Nike handled the situation with Aristes, and hopefully her actions can serve as a good example to Livius as to how to handle these kinds of matters.

I continue enjoying seeing Livius and Nike’s interactions and watching as their relationship continues to evolve. From the preview I saw for Episode Six, it looks like their relationship may be put to the test, and I’m curious to see how that episode ends up playing out.

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