At the beginning of Episode Four, Juugo meets up with Ikkyuu, who tells him about Isshin making a deal with Ikkaku Shunjuu for the cane. She suddenly says that she’s feeling scared and asks Juugo to hold her. Juugo readily agrees, and when she’s in his arms, she realizes that this guy is three centimeters taller than Juugo. It turns out it’s the guy from Episode Three who posed as a police officer. He doesn’t give his name, but says that he’s part of the phantom thief troupe, Matsuri.

Meanwhile, we see the real Juugo giving something to Yukihime, also from Matsuri, as payment for their help. Together, they meet up with Isshin and Yuu. Yukihime takes on Yuu, while Juugo takes on Isshin. At first, Isshin uses the power of the cane to fight off Juugo, but after a little bit, the cane stops working. It turns out the power of the cane isn’t unlimited, and Isshin used up the power.

Just when it seems Juugo has the upper hand, one of Isshin’s friends smacks Juugo down, and Isshin and Yuu escape. However, their escape is foiled when Ikkyuu arrives with forces provided by Ikkaku Shunjuu. In the end, Ikkyuu hands Isshin a check from Ikkaku and takes the cane.

Later, Ikkyuu confronts Juugo and tells him that she figured out his association with Matsuri and explains how she came to her conclusion. She also informs him that she and Daruku will be moving into room 203 of the Happy House. This will now make the two of them neighbors.

Earlier in the series, we’d learned that Juugo had been kicked out by his father and sent to this island. In this episode, we learn that Juugo’s father is the one in charge of Matsuri. Through a phone conversation between father and son, we learn that the two of them don’t get along well, and that Juugo was sent away because he didn’t want to succeed his father as the head of Matsuri.

I have to admit that I hadn’t seen the fact that Juugo’s father is the head of Matsuri coming. But learning this definitely explained a few things that had happened earlier in the series.

I also have to admit that when I first saw Juugo talking with Yukihime and the way he was acting with Isshin, that I was feeling rather confused because his shift in character just felt like it came out of nowhere. However, after getting the explanation about Juugo’s connection with Matsuri, it all made sense to me.

When Nanana is talking to Juugo at the end of the episode and mentions that he said that he’d help her find her killer, a thought hit me: what if someone from Matsuri was somehow responsible for Nanana’s murder? And if this is the case, how would Nanana handle it if she learned that fact and then learned that Juugo has a connection with the organization? Now I’m curious to keep watching the series in order to find out whether or not I may be on the right track with this thought.

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