Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara: Episode 4 – “We’re Almost to the Goal. The Track Meet’ll End Just Fine.”

Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara focuses on a boy named Sota Hatate, who has an ability to see flags over people’s heads and know how they’re feeling or what will happen to them; he also knows what he needs to do to break the flag over someone’s head. In the first episode, he meets Nanami and Akane at Hatagaya Academy. At the end of the first episode, Sota sees a death flag over Akane’s head; however, he’s unable to make it break. He decides he has to change the flag, so he kisses her to change it to a conquest flag. The stage is set for the beginning of a harem. In Episode Two, Sota’s old friend Okiku returns, and becomes the “big sister” type for his harem. A boy named Megumu is also introduced, but he’s constantly mistaken for a girl because of how he looks.

Episode Four focuses on the Track Meet Week at school, where all of the residents of Quest Dorm are competing as a team. They have to get MVP status at the end; if not, Sota will be forced to leave the school.

At first, the Quest Dorm team is placing first in everything they compete in. And Sota makes it to the finals of the shoot-out competition. After the first day, though, Sota is feeling a little gloomy and hides it from the others. He says that living like this is spoiling him and causing him to forget everything, including the fact that he saw a death flag above his head at the end of an earlier episode.

When Sota competes in the shoot-out competition finals, he’s down to the last ball that he needs to block in order to win. Unfortunately, he’s forgotten to watch for his opponent’s flag to figure out where they’re going to be kicking that he misses. After this, the team falls to eighth place.

Ruri talks to Sota alone, and he confesses to her that he’s going to die and doesn’t know how to break his death flag. He then has a memory of reading a letter from Sakura, and says the words out loud. This activates Ruri to say that the First Flag secret code entry is confirmed. He gets to see a projection that was recorded in 1938 with another Ruri that shows that he is a Royal Banner and that some of the girls at Quest Dorm were his traveling companions going to the “first gate” to find the one who will destroy his flag of death.

After learning this, Sota finds motivation to encourage the others for the final relay event of the Track Meet Week and make them raise their victory flag; unfortunately, Nanami doesn’t seem to have any flags…

Umm… wow… I’m glad to see that the flag concept returned to the series in a big way like this, but this is a little more “out there” than I had imagined. Although it does explain why the dorm is called “Quest Dorm”; prior to this explanation, it just sounded like a weird name for a dorm. But now knowing that at least one gate for the quest to destroy Sota’s death flag is supposedly located there, the name actually makes sense.

So apparently a different unit named Ruri recorded the 1938 projection that Sota saw. This has to be some kind of alternate version of Japan or something, since something like Ruri wouldn’t have existed in 1938 in the real world. Also, the characters we see in that projection resemble characters we see in modern day, so does that mean that the characters we know now are reincarnations of other people? Even though this may have been a little “out there,” at least it’s an element to help keep this from feeling like a typical harem show.

During the projection, there was a “bishop” character whose face was covered with a hood and we couldn’t see. There was also a new character hiding in the shadows that was introduced at the end of the episode; could this potentially be the mystery bishop?

Another good point for this episode: the running gag about Megumu being mistaken for a girl only appeared once. It was still as eye roll-inducing as it was before, but at least it only appeared once!

My opinion of Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara has improved slightly since the end of Episode Three, but I’m trying not to get my hopes up that it’ll continue to get better. I’ll keep watching to find out how the series will continue to progress.

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