Riddle Story of Devil: Episode 4 – “What Comes Suddenly and Never Leaves?”

Riddle Story of Devil focuses on Year 10, Black Class at Myojo Academy, which is made up of 13 students: 12 assassins disguised as students and their target, Haru Ichinose. The main assassin to be focused on is Tokaku Azuma, who ends up being roommates with Haru. At the end of Episode Two, Tokaku declares that she will be Haru’s protector.

Episode Four sees Black Class having a testing period. While everyone is working on trying to pass their tests, Kouko is plotting her assassination of Haru.

During this episode, we get to see some flashbacks of Kouko when she was younger. She was learning to be an assassin, and we see her with an older student that she idolized. Unfortunately, Kouko was great at making diagrams, but not very good at pulling off assassinations. We see her on an assassination mission with the older student she idolized; unfortunately, Kouko didn’t install a bomb on a car correctly and killed her partner instead of the target. Because of this, Kouko decides that failure is not an option.

Meanwhile, Nio tells Haru and Tokaku about a forbidden book that’s in a hidden room in the library that should never be opened; however, if you write your name on the check-out card of the book, it’ll bring you happiness. Tokaku doesn’t believe it, but Haru does. Kouko overhears this and uses this to her advantage, when she later hears Haru tell Tokaku that she wants to find the hidden room after a failed assassination attempt.

When Tokaku and Haru find the hidden room in the library and enter, a bomb goes off; fortunately, Tokaku is able to protect Haru. When Kouko tries to shoot Haru with a gun, Tokaku protects her again. Tokaku chases after Kouko, and the two have a knife fight.

This episode illustrates a problem I mentioned in my writeup for Episode Three. Episode Four did a great job developing Kouko as a character and I became more interested in her character. Unfortunately, as I predicted, Kouko didn’t accomplish the assassination before the deadline, so she was written out of the show.

However, I do wonder how Kouko was able to set up the bomb in the hidden room in the library, though, especially in the short amount of time there seemed to be from the time the two girls decided to try to find it and when they got there.

In addition to getting characters written out just as you get to know them, another weakness of this show is the fact that when a character is trying to assassinate Haru, you already know that they have to fail due to the fact that we know Haru can’t be killed and the fact that if Haru were to be assassinated now, the series would come to an end.

I’ll keep watching Riddle Story of Devil to see how this series will ultimately play out.

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