At the end of Episode Three, Saori kills Kuroha while she and Murakami raid a lab in order to acquire more of the death suppressants. At the beginning of Episode Four, Murakami stabs Saori through the heart and insists she use her ability to turn back time. After some resistance, she finally does it, which brings Kuroha back to life. However, this causes Kuroha and Murakami to lose their memory over what had happened after the time they returned to.

The people who run the lab and are in charge of the witches deactivate Saori, and she melts. What’s left is something that looks like a big green insect, which sprouts a lot of eyes and a large mouth. Murakami freaks out and stomps on it. Kuroha doesn’t take this experience very well.

In the end, they were only able to get two boxes of the death suppressants. When they reach the observatory, they find Kazumi is there as well as Kana. Fortunately, they make it in time help Kana. Kazumi takes half of the haul per the agreement made in Episode Three.

Since Kuroha and Kana have nowhere to live, Murakami has Kuroha join the school’s astronomy club and lets them stay at the observatory. Kazumi hacks into the school computers and adds herself as a transfer student from Austria, and she joins Murakami and Kuroha’s class.

Meanwhile, an informant tells the group hunting the witches that she knows where three of them are. At the end of the episode, a witch named Takatori Kotori is sent by the group and poses as a transfer student. She arrives at the observatory claiming she wants to join the astronomy club.

Back in Episode Three, Murakami had seen that Kuroha had the moles, but they had moved due to how her body had developed over the years, and he made the realization that she’s actually Kuroneko. Unfortunately, when Saori turned time back, it was before Murakami had seen the moles. He later comments that he feels like he’s forgotten something important.

Why am I starting to get the feeling that Murakami is starting to develop a harem? Now you have Kuroha and Kazumi at school with him and spending a lot of time around him, and Kazumi was rather flirty with him at one point in the episode. Kazumi’s flirting ended up providing some “fanservice” moments. From what I saw in the ending credits, it appears that the witch that was sent by the organization at the end of the episode will be joining them. The main question is how she’ll end up joining them instead of turning them in to the group.

I’m looking forward to seeing Episode Five of Brynhildr in the Darkness to find out how the story will progress.

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