One Week Friends: Episode 4 – “Fighting with Friends.”

One Week Friends tells the story of two high school students: Yuki Hase and Kaori Fujimiya. Yuki notices that Kaori is alone and doesn’t have any friends. When he asks to be her friend, she thanks him for asking and tells him no. He starts spending lunch with her, and learns from her that on Mondays, all of her memories of the people she’s close to or wants to spend more time with are completely reset and she forgets them; however, her family is an exception.

Episode Four opens with other students asking both Kaori and Shogo if they’re friends. Kaori doesn’t answer, but Shogo says “I guess.” Yuki becomes jealous that people noticed Kaori and Shogo being friends since Yuki had become friends with her first.

On Friday, Kaori and Yuki are talking on the school roof, and she talks about Shogo. Yuki tries to change the subject and mentions seeing a seal in the river and that they should go see it after school together. She changes the subject back to Shogo, and Yuki starts snapping at Kaori out of jealousy. Unfortunately, this causes a misunderstanding, and Kaori decides she’s going to leave school early.

Kaori decides to walk around for a while, and she finds herself heading toward the river; it also starts raining as she walks. As Kaori gets to some steps, a bicyclist bumps into her and causes her bag to go flying. When Kaori goes to retrieve her bag, she notices some items fell out and puts them back into her bag in a hurry. After she leaves, the audience sees that the diary flew farther out than the other items and that she didn’t realize that it was there.

When Kaori returns home, she’s soaking wet. When she gets into her room, she collapses against the door, which causes the sign that reminds her to read her diary on Monday to come off.

It’s now Tuesday, and Yuki is feeling bad about what happened on Friday and wants to apologize. Kaori didn’t come to school on Monday, because she was still feeling sick. She returns on Tuesday, and Yuki apologizes to her. Kaori has no idea who he is, and says the only person she can talk to at school is Shogo. It’s up to Shogo and Yuki to try and find a way to remind Kaori about her friendship with Yuki and trying to repair it…

I ended up calling the plot point of Kaori losing the diary on a Friday and losing her memory of Yuki in an earlier writeup; however, I hadn’t anticipated that the two of them would have a fight right before she loses the notebook. I’m actually a little surprised that Kaori lost the diary this early in the series, because I would have expected this to happen around the halfway point. Since this particular plot point has now come up, hopefully we won’t see Kaori lose the diary again.

Unfortunately, Yuki’s jealousy early on in the episode really gets the best of him. Right now, Kaori has no memory of the fight since she’s lost her memory of that day, and it was never written down in the notebook. Hopefully Yuki will be a bit more careful with how he interacts with Kaori going forward.

At the end of the episode, Yuki says that in the end, he feels the fight ultimately helped him and Kaori to become closer. We’ll see how right he is on his deduction as the series continues.

At this point, I’m still enjoying One Week Friends, and I’m looking forward to seeing how the story of the series will progress between now and the end of the series.

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