At the beginning of Episode Three, we learn that Isshin, the president of the Adventure Club, has no idea who’s hiding the items in Nanana’s Collection, and only knows that whoever is doing it is called “Leprechaun.” Also, it’s revealed that the places the treasures are hidden are called “ruins.” The president asks Juugo to do him a favor in order to get a clue from Nanana about where the next treasure is hidden.

Nanana makes Juugo go through a “pretend lovers” trial and then gives him the clue: “Within a tower rising high into the sky, it rests inside a glass box.”

Juugo, Ikkyuu, Hoshino, Isshin, and Yuu go to the Rising Building, a tall building with shops in it, and start trying to find the entrance to the ruins. Ikkyuu is able to quickly deduce the entrance is on Floor 164. She’s able to prove it by explaining some things and also showing the group some other things.

When they return to the door, which has a passcode to open, Isshin is able to get it right on the first try. He was able to figure it out from some research he had done before they came to the Rising Building. Isshin declares that he, Juugo, and Ikkyuu will go in. The other two will wait outside and stand by in case something happens.

When they enter, a large crystal-like spiderweb forms, and there’s a mechanical spider. After some trial and error, Ikkyuu is able to determine how to get through the spiderweb and make it to the treasure chest. Isshin is the one to open the chest, and he grabs the cane that’s inside. As he does, he suddenly starts grinning and laughing maniacally. He also uses the cane to leave the room and abandons Juugo and Ikkyuu. He also uses the cane to cast a spell to put Hoshino to sleep.

Juugo and Ikkyuu are stuck on top of the treasure chest and having to hug each other in order to not fall off. Juugo calls the police, and two officers arrive. However, after Juugo is alone with the officers, it’s revealed that they’re not actually police officers. At the end of the episode, Ikkyuu has figured out what Isshin is planning to do, and invites Juugo to join her in going after him.

I have to admit that from what little I’d seen of Isshin in Episode Two and from what I saw early in Episode Three, I had a feeling that maybe he couldn’t be trusted, but… wow. He’s an outright jerk who used Juugo and Ikkyuu for his own selfish gain. At this rate, the Adventure Club might not be quite as central to the overarching story as I thought it was going to be.

The scene of Juugo and Ikkyuu being trapped in the room was rather amusing. I loved how they both tried to claim they had high blood pressure while they were holding each other during that scene. To the audience, it was obvious that they were feeling rather awkward about holding someone of the opposite sex.

You know, Juugo and Ikkyuu would make for an interesting couple. I wonder if something like that could happen by the end of the series. While Juugo and Nanana would make an interesting pair, it’s not very likely since she’s a ghost and all.

After three episodes, Nanana’s Buried Treasure is still enjoyable to watch, and I’m very interested in what’s going on. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode Four and hopefully finding out whether or not Juugo and Ikkyuu can track down Isshin and get the powerful cane away from him.

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