Japanese publisher Kadokawa’s ComicWalker website and app have added seven new titles in English:

  • Sword Art Online: Fairy Dance by Tsubasa Hazuki
  • Accel World by Hiroyuki Aigamo
  • Sleazebag! Hanamura-san by Kiyu Kibako
  • MegMeg☆SingerSongFighter by CAFFEIN
  • 1001 by Yukiru Sugisaki
  • Char’s Daily Life by Nanboku and Masaya Honda
  • Mosaic Roll by akka and Deco*27

Both the Sword Art Online: Fairy Dance and Accel World manga adaptations are licensed by Yen Press. The first volume of Sword Art Online: Fairy Dance will be released in North American in June 2014, while the first volume of Accel World will be released in September 2014.

Source: ANN