Chaika – The Coffin Princess: Episode 3 – “The Forest Where the Hero Dwells”

Chaika – The Coffin Princess is set on the continent of Verbist. Five years prior to the beginning of the series, Arthur Gaz of the Gaz Empire has fallen, and his daughter Chaika has escaped and is on the run. In the first episode, a saboteur named Toru meets Chaika, who can use magic and goes around with a coffin on her back. Toru, along with his younger sister, Akari, travel with Chaika as she tries to gather the remains of her father, Arthur Gaz.

Episode Three sees Chaika, Toru, and Akari going to the city of Ipsom. Unfortunately, Chaika’s coffin attracts a little too much attention, so Toru tries to cover it up the best he can. While they’re in town, they pick up on rumors that the ruler of the town is one of the eight heroes and that she is a dragoon cavalier.

Chaika, Toru, and Akari discover that they’re being followed by Gillette and his forces when they see their vehicle, so they go around a corner. Someone suddenly appears behind them, and Chaika says that this is her informant. He doesn’t have a name, so he says to call him Guy. Guy tells the group where they can find a vehicle and where the ruler of Ipsom can be found.

They discover that Guy was telling the truth about the vehicle. Chaika cleans it up, replaces some of the parts, and gets it in working order for her group to continue on their journey to find the dragoon cavalier, Dominica Scoda.

Meanwhile, Gillette and his forces make it to Ipsom and get tips that Chaika had been there. However, by the time they get all their information together, Chaika and her group are long gone. They also receive documents from headquarters, which also don’t provide any leads. However, the audience learns that other people had been assumed to be Chaika and taken into custody, but that none of them were the real Chaika.

Right at the end of the episode, Chaika and the others are attacked by dog-like creatures called Orthros. When it seems all hope is lost, they are rescued by someone unexpected…

This episode gives the audience an explanation as to how Chaika had been getting her information prior to meeting Toru and Akari. Right now, Guy seems to be trustworthy, but the main question is whether or not he will continue to be trustworthy. The other question is what Guy’s reasons are for helping Chaika. He claims he’s not part of a group using Chaika to try to raise the Gaz Empire back up, but time will tell as to whether or not he’s telling the truth.

It was also fascinating to learn from the scenes with Gillette’s forces that others have been captured for being Chaika in the past, only to have them turn out to not be her. I also liked seeing one of the members of the forces questioning if Chaika will actually bring disaster if she gets all of his remains, as well as questioning whether or not the emperor actually had a daughter. Not only are these questions for Gillette and his forces to ponder, they’re also questions for the audience to ponder as well.

So far, Chaika – The Coffin Princess continues to keep me interested and engaged. I think the story’s interesting, and at this point, it seems to be progressing at a good pace. I’m looking forward to watching Episode Four in order to find out how the story will continue to unfold.

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