Review: Weekly Shonen Jump (April 28, 2014)

This issue includes chapters for One Piece, Naruto, Bleach, All You Need Is Kill, World Trigger, Stealth Symphony, Toriko, Nisekoi, and Seraph of the End.

For the series that carried over from previous issues I’ve read, I tried to put a little more focus in my write-ups about the progression of the story from the previous chapter. I will warn you that these write-ups will more than likely contain spoilers.

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It should also be noted that there will not be a issue of Weekly Shonen Jump released next week due to Golden Week; Volume 118 will be released on May 12, 2014.

One Piece CH:745

In the previous chapter, an explosion happens in the coliseum, and chaos ensues. Amidst all the chaos, two characters appear: Hack and Sabo from the Revolutionary Army. They’ve come to put a stop to the weapons leaving the port that are aiding wars around the world. In this chapter, Kyros is about to behead a man, but Luffy tackles him. At the same time, there are suddenly two Doflamingos. One of the Doflamingos summons Pica, which causes Luffy and the others to be pushed past the outer towers. It’s apparent that Doflamingo plans to massacre the populace in order to keep the truth of what’s going on from getting out. People begin being controlled and forced to attack discriminately, while Pica is changing the lay of the land with his stone powers. Doflamingo challenes the people and guests of Dressrosa to a game, where the object is to kill Doflamingo or bring the people he lists off to him.

Maybe it’s because I jumped into this particular story arc after it was well underway, but I found myself thinking that the chapter was jumping around a lot and making it hard for me to entirely follow what was going on. The part I understood the most was right at the end, when Doflamingo issues his challenge for the game. The stakes are high now, and there’s going to be a “kill or be killed” mentality going on. I’m very curious to see how Oda will make this whole “bounty hunter” idea play out in the coming chapters.

Naruto CH:674

In the previous chapter, Naruto creates a large rasen shuriken, which causes a huge explosion when he uses it to attack Madara. However, Madara claims that he is now immortal after the Divine Tree disappears. Sasuke appears on the scene, and Naruto says that together, he and Sasuke will take down Madara. In this chapter, the fight with Madara begins. With his Rinnegan, Sasuke is able to see that there’s more than one Madara; while Naruto may not be able to see the other Madara, he can sense him. They realize physical attacks don’t work on the second Madara. Sasuke figures something out, and lays out a plan to Naruto. Just as it looks like Naruto and Sasuke have Madara defeated, their enemy shifts. Naruto notices that Madara is headed for Kakashi…

When I saw the panel where it looked like Naruto and Sasuke had Madara defeated, I told myself that it wasn’t going to end that quickly. Sure enough, I was right. In some of the last panels of the chapter, it looks like Madara is grabbing for Kakashi’s Sharingan eye and manages to take it out. If I’m right on that, this could cause some serious problems. And there’s so much going on, it makes it really hard to wait for the next chapter!

Bleach CH:578

In the previous chapter, Gremmy causes a meteor comes down with the intent of destroying both Kenpachi and the Seireitei itself. Unfortunately, the Shakonmaku Barrier is unable to obliterate it. After Kenpachi jumps up to attack the meteor, it appears that he has succeeded. In this chapter, Kenpachi brags there’s nothing he can’t cut. Gremmy then says he’ll kill Kenpachi with something without form… wrapped in the void of outer space. As Gremmy is doing this, Kenpachi points out that Gremmy forgot to harden his body. Gremmy gets away, and there’s an explosion; however, Kenpachi isn’t killed in the explosion. Just as Gremmy is about to launch an attack, something happens… and it looks like Gremmy may have been defeated.

This chapter focuses exclusively on the fight between Gremmy and Kenpachi. As this chapter went on and the stakes were raised so high, I had a feeling that the fight would have to be coming to an end soon. From how the chapter ends, it appears the resolution will officially happen in the next chapter. I’m glad to see that the fight was stretched out as long as it could have been, because I’d seriously thought there might be one or two more chapters left. It will be interesting to see where the story goes in the next chapter.

All You Need Is Kill CH:013

In the previous chapter, Rita and Keiji work together to defeat the enemy, and Keiji learns how to survive by mimicking Rita’s skills. Keiji takes on the mimic at the root of his time loops. Unfortunately, at the end of the chapter, it turns out that he failed. In this chapter, Keiji goes back in the time loop to before Rita knew anything about him being stuck in a time loop. Rita picks up pretty quickly they had a conversation like this in an earlier loop. They spend some time together and remember what it was like to have fun before being they ended up in their time loops.

This chapter focuses exclusively on Keiji and Rita and time that they spend together in Keiji’s next time loop. There’s no fighting in this chapter at all, it’s simply a character development chapter. Which is a good thing, because we’re getting to see Keiji and Rita getting closer. It seems like these two should end up a couple at some point, but until Keiji can break out of his time loop, I don’t think anything like that will happen for them. It’ll be interesting to see what the time loop brings for Keiji when we move on to the next chapter.

World Trigger CH:058

In the previous chapter, Osamu and his group find out that Kazama Squad had to bail out. Then we see Ko Murakami from Kuruma Squad fighting with the enemy. Kogetsu arrives says he has orders to destroy these enemies and asks if he can take over. After defeating the enemy, and a new plan is being formulated. In this chapter, we see more fighting going on with the Neighbors. The Neighbors try to capture Chika, which is being done through the enemy’s magnetic trigger. Kyosuke and Osamu are ordered to hurry to headquarters with the C-Ranks and to keep Amatori out of the Neighbor’s magnetic range.

Overall, there’s not a whole lot going on in this chapter. The main thing of interest is the fact that they figure out the Neighbor’s magnetic ability, and that Osamu and most of the others are trying to get away. From what I’ve read of World Trigger so far, it seems to be slow going. Of course, I missed many of the early chapters, so maybe I would’ve gotten more character development for the series if I’d been able to see those earlier chapters.

Stealth Symphony CH:010

In the previous chapter, Troma’s actions helped the people on board the trailer are able to escape. Unfortunately, before anyone can get far, Wavess, the president of Human Trafficking Corporation STORK appears; it turns out that she’s a mermaid. She tries to attack Jig, but the Heirloom protects him. When she orders V&V to kill the mercenaries, they refuse; when they do, Wavess declares she doesn’t need them anymore. Wavess has a Dragon Heirloom. In this chapter, Wavess attacks Troma and declares that their contract is now null and void. However, it turns out Troma and the people he was with were protected from her attack. A dragon has manifested itself and it repels the attacks that Wavess throws at the people she’s trying to kill. She then uses her power to levitate various vehicles to hurl at those who oppose her. She is just as unsuccessful as she was before.

This chapter focuses completely of Wavess and her attempt to wipe out anyone who knows her secret. It was really amusing to read when Wavess would be so confident in succeeding, and then end up failing every time. While the overall story may not have progressed very much in this chapter, it did provide a little but of humor with each one of Wavess’ epic fails.

Toriko CH:275

In the previous chapter, Toriko and the others find there’s no land, and they’re attacked by torpedo sausage. During the fight, they are approached by arm rhamphorhynchus. And then something else pops out of the water. During the fight, Toriko and Coco are separated from the others. They smell food where they end up; they find a village and wonder where they are. They also run into someone that they recognize. In this chapter, Toriko and Coco discover that they have found real food; they have discovered a retaurant that’s run by a creature that looks like a frog. However, they learn pretty quickly that this creature isn’t what it appears to be on the surface. Toriko manages to send some data to the others. The creature that fed Toriko and Coco is wanting to kill them, and they end up being surrounded by leech heels. Just as it appears all hope seems lost, Coco is able to save the day.

This chapter pretty much focuses entirely on Toriko and Coco. I admit that I still don’t entirely understand everything about the series since I jumped into this so far in, but this chapter has probably made the most sense out of what I’ve read so far. I’m still learning a lot about how the Gourmet World works, and it’s definitely a weird place. But it’s cool to see the ideas for creatures suggested by others.

Nisekoi CH:120

In the previous chapter, Yui starts working as Raku’s homeroom teacher. Yui is staying at his place, and that she stays in the room next to his. It was also makes it clear that Yui has feelings for Raku, but he’s absolutely clueless about it. One night, she sneaks into his bed, and he discovers that she has a key. In this chapter, Raku examines the key and determines that it’s broken at the tip, but it looks to be about the right size for his pendant lock. When Yui wakes up the next morning, Raku asks her about the key she wears around her neck. Yui claims to recognize the lock, and she drops a hint about something that she won’t elaborate on at that time. After school, Yui is gathered with Raku and his other suitors, and she reveals she was there 10 years ago and has a key. Yui also says she recognizes all of them. Unfortunately, it turns out Yui has no memory of what the promise was that they made with Raku 10 years ago.

This chapter focuses on the lock and promise that was made 10 years earlier. This is the first real focus I’ve personally seen on these concepts, since I jumped into the middle of this series a few weeks back, and there had been no real mention of these in the chapters I’d read. In a lot of respects, with the conversation that takes place during the last few pages, I was able to get a better idea of what the lock and promise are about, and it also helped me to better understand some of the connections between the characters.

Seraph of the End CH:017

In the previous chapter, Yu is doing research to see if he can find any information on turning a vampire back into a human. Shinoa catches him and figures out what he’s up to, and she offers to tell Yu what she knows about humans turning into vampires. An announcement comes on the intercom for Yu to report to the Shinjuku Central Army Headquarters First Office to meet with the Hiragi family. Yu runs into Mitsura at the headquarters, and learns she’s getting a promotion and that she’s been ordered to keep an eye on a “squad mate with suspected vampire ties.” When Yu enters the office, he finds a vampire in the room, and the two begin to fight; this turns out to be a test. In this chapter, Shinoa runs into Mitsura and learns about Mitsura’s promotion to “Vampire Extermination Unit Second Lieutenant.” During their conversation, we learn about Shinoa’s older sister, Mahiru, who betrayed her family. It then goes to Yu’s interview with the Hiragi family. First is a test of swordsmanship. Then, Yu is subjected to another test. Yu learns that there’s a growing suspicion that there’s a vampire spy within the demon army, and Yu is accused. Two of Yu’s friends are brought in and he’s told that if he resists, his friends will be killed. But after the questioning, it’s determined that Yu could become a spy on Guren and to become a subordinate of a member of the Hiragi family. Yu agrees.

This chapter provides some background information on Shinoa, both the fact that she had a sister who betrayed the family, that she’s one of many kids her father sired with different women, and the fact that she’s not regarded highly by the Hiragi family. A large focus of the chapter is on Yu, and it appears that the Hiragi believes that he’s the vampire spy. However, as it’s revealed later in the chapter, they actually want him to act as a spy for them. I have to admit that that was a twist I hadn’t been expecting.

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