Riddle Story of Devil: Episode 3 – “What’s Red, But Isn’t Red?”

Riddle Story of Devil focuses on Year 10, Black Class at Myojo Academy, which is made up of 13 students: 12 assassins disguised as students and their target, Haru Ichinose. The main assassin to be focused on is Tokaku Azuma, who ends up being roommates with Haru.

At the end of Episode Two, Tokaku declares that she will be Haru’s protector. Nio makes a phone call to see if this is within the rules, and she’s told that Tokaku is given permission to do this.

From here, we see that Otoya Takechi is putting together her advance notice to Haru for her impending assassination attempt. As part of this, she breaks and hides all of her roommate’s pairs of glasses. At the same time, Takechi is trying to get close to Haru by pretending to become friends with her.

When they finally have a day that all of the students are in Class Black, the instructor takes them to a botanical garden on campus. During their time in the garden, Tokaku notices that Haru and Takechi are communicating with each other with their tablets and is trying to follow their discussion. Later, when Tokaku tells Haru that she doesn’t believe that Takechi is being honest about what she’s saying, Haru naively believes that she can become friends with all the other students and that no one has to die.

The next day, Takechi gets Haru alone and starts talking with her. She knocks Haru unconscious with flowers that contain a powerful neurotoxin. It’s up to Tokaku to try to find Haru and save her from Takechi.

In the writeup for the previous episode, I had commented on the sheer amount of characters being thrown out into the series in such a short amount of time. The series is set up where if an assassin fails, they are transferred out of Black Class. In this week’s episode, I finally learned the name of another character, only to have this character disappear at the end of the episode. Well, that’s frustrating. Then again, this character was around for so little of the series, so I hadn’t developed any kind of attachment to her.

Maybe it’s just me, but I had a hard time entirely believing how naïve Haru was being when it came to Takechi. It was made clear in Episode Two that Haru already knew that she was surrounded by assassins. Perhaps having Tokaku protecting her may have given her false hope, but I still have a hard time believing that Haru’s actions were ringing true.

At this point, I have to say that while Riddle Story of Devil isn’t a bad show, it’s not one of favorites of Spring 2014, either. I’ll keep on going with it, but it’s just not grabbing me as much as I’d hoped.

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