The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior: Episode 3 – “Why?”

The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior focuses on Kazunari Usa, a first-year high school student who moves into a dorm. It turns out that the girl he likes, Ritsu Kawai, also lives there, along with a pervert named Shirosaki, the drunk and lovelorn Mayumi, and the childish and mischievous Sayaka.

The episode opens with Kazunari thinking that the distance between him and Ritsu has increased since he moved into the Kawai complex. One day, a bicycle he ordered arrives. Kazunari offers to take Ritsu to school on the back of his bike, and she turns him down pretty hard. She later apologizes for how she said her rejection, but she makes it clear that she still won’t ride on the bike with him.

When Kazunari returns home, he witnesses Mayumi getting emails and phone calls from her ex, the guy who had been three-timing her at the beginning of the series. She tries to ignore him, but she ends up talking with him, anyway. This part of the story reaches its conclusion when she goes out to dinner with the guy and rebuffs his attempts at getting back together after she has a bad time at dinner.

The third story sees Kazunari returning home on his bike, and seeing a guy verbally attacking Sayaka and asking why she doesn’t like him anymore. Sayaka sees Kazunari and tries to make it seem like that she’s in love with him. Just as the jealous guy is about to punch Kazunari, Ritsu throws a book at him. Later, when Kazunari tries to thank Ritsu, it turns into a rather awkward conversation that causes Ritsu to storm off.

This is another episode that consisted of three different vignettes, but they ultimately work together as one unit. Also, this particular episode focused more on the dramatic side of the story. While there was humor included, it wasn’t like Episode Two, which focused much more on the humorous side of the story.

I have to say that the vignette that featured Mayumi started to make me like her a little better as a character. However, I still find Sayaka to be rather annoying.

Now that I’m three episodes in, it’s becoming clearer that this series is more of an ensemble piece than I would have thought from the first episode. Yes, Kazunari and Ritsu are the main characters and have the major overarching story, but the other characters are just as crucial and are starting to get some of their starring stories within the episodes.

And I’m still enjoying the interactions between Kazunari and Ritsu. They’re definitely my favorite part of The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior, and are also why I’m compelled to return to this series week after week.

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