Brynhildr in the Darkness: Episode 3 – “Death Suppressants”

At the beginning of Episode Three, Murakami’s classmates notice that Kuroha has been absent a bit recently, especially for someone who has just transferred in. When Kuroha arrives at school with a lot of bandages on, she’s asked what happened, and she claims that she simply has a cold.

Suspicious about what’s going on, Murakami goes to Kuroha’s house and finds that she’s collapsed. She awakens and tells him that she needs to take pills called death suppressants every day or else she’ll die. She shows him that there’s only 10 pills left, which gives her and Kana five more days to live.

Later, Kuroha isn’t paying attention when she boils some water, and the house catches on fire. Murakami is able to save Kana, but the remaining death suppressants are burnt up in the fire. Murakami remembered the identification code he saw on them, so he, Kuroha, and Kana go to the observatory to do some research. Unfortunately, all he could find was the location of the factory that makes the pills.

Kuroha and Kana decide to call another witch named Kazumi who also escaped with them. Kazumi’s ability is being able to manipulate things online, so they believe she can take down the lab’s security to allow them access. Kana has a forecast that Kuroha will die if she goes to the lab after being defeated by a higher level witch that’s waiting for them, but she insists on going with Murakami.

When they make it to the lab, Kuroha hands a note to Murakami. Kuroha decides to take on Saori, the higher level witch, by herself as a sacrifice in order to help the others. After Murakami reads her note, he foils her plan by arriving at the scene of the fight between the two witches.

Episode Three introduces the concept of the death suppressants, which is an interesting concept. However, even if Murakami and Kuroha are successful in getting the pills, can they realistically make off with enough for the three witches and be able to last for the rest of the series without having to make another break-in attempt to get more? Or will this end up being a concept that gets swept under the rug after this storyline is over?

We are also introduced to another witch named Kazumi, who stays off by herself in order to increase the chances that the witches won’t be found by the people who are hunting them down. To do work for anyone, her price is death suppressant pills. However, in this case, she’s willing to do the work for free until they can get the pills from the lab. As we see later, it turns out that Kazumi isn’t in very good shape herself and could potentially die before this break-in is over.

Right near the end of the episode, Kazunari is able to notice something to confirm Kuroha’s true identity. While I had guessed who she really was, it wasn’t until this particular scene where my suspicions were confirmed.

Right now, I’m still enjoying Brynhildr in the Darkness, and I’m looking forward to seeing how this storyline continues in Episode Four.

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