VIZ Media’s Perfect Square Imprint Announces Three New Upcoming Pokemon Manga Box Sets

VIZ Media has announced three new Pokemon manga box sets later in 2014 from the Perfect Square imprint.

The Pokemon Adventures Ruby & Sapphire Box Set and the Pokemon Black and White Box Set 2 are scheduled for release in September 2014. A Pokemon Adventures Diamond & Pearl/Platinum Box Set will debut in October 2014. Pokemon manga are rated “A” for All Ages and each of the forthcoming sets will include a collectible full-color poster.

MSRP: $59.99 U.S. / $79.99 CAN
Rated “A” For All Ages ·

Available September 2014

Ruby’s father Norman is the new Gym Leader of Petalburg City. But Ruby doesn’t want to follow in his father’s footsteps – he wants to win Pokemon Contests. Sapphire’s father Professor Birch is the local Pokemon researcher. But Sapphire is tired of gathering scientific data – she wants to win Pokemon Battles. When Ruby and Sapphire meet, they’re more likely to hit each other than hit it off. But then Sapphire challenges Ruby to a competition. Which of them will achieve their dreams in just eighty days? Set contains the complete Ruby & Sapphire arc (Volumes 15-22) of the bestselling Pokemon Adventures series and a collectible color poster.

MSRP: $25.99 U.S. / $29.99 CAN
Available September 2014

Meet Pokemon Trainers Black and White. His entire life, Black has dreamed of winning the Pokemon League. Now he embarks on a journey to explore the Unova region and fill a Pokedex for Professor Juniper. White has an exciting career as the Trainer of a talented troupe of performing Pokemon. She dreams of making her Tepig Gigi a star. Together, Black and White continue on their journey. What surprising new Pokemon – and people – will they meet along the way?! Compact manga set includes Pokemon Black and White Volumes 9–14 and a collectible color poster.

MSRP: $89.99 U.S. / $115.99 CAN
Rated “A” For All Ages ·

Available October 2014

Set contains the complete Diamond & Pearl/Platinum story arc (Volumes 1-11) of the bestselling Pokemon Adventures series, along with a collectible color poster. Pokemon Trainers Pearl and Diamond are starstruck. Their goal? To perfect their Pokemon comedy act. So how do they wind up as bodyguards to a pampered little rich girl on a quest to reach the peak of Mt. Coronet? Thrills and laughs are guaranteed as the Pokemon Adventures series continues with Pokemon Diamond & Pearl/Platinum.

One comment

  1. dailydewmontnews · April 28, 2014

    Holy poop! I really want that, but I am not liable to have sixty dollars any time in the near future. At least I am not from Canada, I’d have to wait another ten dollars worth of time. I like your post though, even if it has gotten me all fired up over things that I cant have. If you get a sec, check out my page, I write about pokemon all the time

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