Quite a bit of Episode 28 focuses on Sakamichi and his trying to get past the 100 people in front of him in order to rejoin his team. At first, he’s easily passing people by catching them off-guard with his cadence and his singing of the opening theme for Love Hime as he accelerates past.

After those initial passes, though, he finds himself stuck behind the pack. At first, it seems like Sakamichi may give up. However, he figures out a way to pass by. It’s a little dangerous, and he almost falls, but he manages to make it past the pack. Unfortunately, when he gets to the head of the pack, he finds that the last person he needs to pass is Midousuji from Kyoto Fushimi.

Midousuji spends a bit of time taunting Sakamichi, and then he suddenly starts accelerating forward. However, Sakamichi is actually able to make it past Midousuji and rejoin his team. As Sakamichi approaches, Makishima speeds off so he can catch up with Toudou and accept his challenge.

One of the things I really liked about this episode is Sakamichi trying to make it past the 100 other cyclists and remembering some “pearls of wisdom” that some of the characters had given him earlier in the series and he uses them to overcome whatever issue he thinks he’s encountering.

Near the end, when Makishima is racing to catch up with Toudou, we get to see flashbacks of Makishima and how he had honestly believed there wouldn’t be another climber on the team, and how after thinking Sakamichi was simply a beginner and then seeing him in the first-years’ race, how Makishima placed a lot of confidence in Sakamichi.

During the scene where Sakamichi is trying to get past Midousuji and Midousuji keeps saying “gross” to Sakamichi, I kept thinking to myself, “Look who’s talking, you freak.”

Overall, this was a rather action-packed episode of Yowamushi Pedal, and I enjoyed it. And now that Sakamichi has caught up with the others, it appears the story will now move on to Makishima catching up with Toudou and having his final race against his rival. I’m looking forward to seeing Episode 29 in order to find out if I’m right, as well as to see how the Inter-High race will progress from here.

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