In Episode Three, Tsutomu exerts his authority and declares that use of lead gears is now prohibited at Globe, much to the dismay of Salty Dog, the organization that observes Globe. At the same time, Peter arrives with “Code Papilion,” who turns out to be Tsutomu’s daughter, Akari. She’s been living with her mother and hasn’t seen her father in five years. Also, it turns out he didn’t know his daughter was a hacker.

After moving in, Daichi surprises Teppei when he’s not freaked out by the fact that Teppei can make a circular rainbow. Teppei returns Daichi’s necklace, and Daichi says that the game to surprise each other for the necklace is back on.

Tsutomu declares that Daichi will not go on any further missions, but the glasses guy from Salty Dog has different ideas. When the Kiltgang that attacked nine years ago and killed Daichi’s father reappears, the glasses guy tells Daichi about it and gives him permission to go up in the Earth Engine to go after it. Unfortunately, no maintenance has been done on it, which gives Daichi a disadvantage.

However, just as it seems like it’s the end for Daichi, something very unexpected happens.

Now is it just me, or does it seem like the design for Akari was based off of Misty from Pokemon?

As for the actual episode itself, it’s finally helped me to better understand the elements of the series that I hadn’t understood previously. I also enjoyed the twist that Akari (aka “Code Papilion”) is Tsutomu’s daughter, and that his ex-wife is now the Governor on the Tenkaidou. This not only adds a bit more to Tsutomu’s character, but it also provides fodder for some interesting interactions and dynamics for the characters.

I also thoroughly enjoyed seeing the creepy glasses guy from Salty Dog getting “owned” in this episode, especially in regards to the lead gears. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to see his reaction when his plan with Daichi didn’t work out as he planned. We’ll probably see that in Episode Four.

So far, it appears that Captain Earth may be a series that just takes a little bit to get going. By the end of Episode Three, I found myself genuinely interested in the characters and what was going on. It helped that what confusion I still had at the end of Episode Two was answered by what I saw in Episode Three, so that allowed me to better enjoy what I was watching.

Captain Earth is still showing a lot of promise, and I’m looking forward to watching Episode Four in order to find out what happens next.

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