The World is Still Beautiful: Episode 3 – “Chancellor’s Declaration”

The World is Still Beautiful focuses on Nike, he fourth sovereign daughter of the Rain Dukedom, and on King Livius I, the king of the Sun Kingdom. Livius asked for the hand of one of daughters of the ruler of the Principality of Rain, and Nike ended up being chosen to become his bride after losing a game of rock-paper-scissors. It’s not exactly love at first sight when the two of them meet, and it almost looks like nothing will come of their relationship; however, after Nike saves Livius by summoning rain to put out a fire that was set in his room, he decides to keep her around; Nike officially becomes Livius’ fiancee.

A week later, Nike wakes up and finds Livius sleeping next to her in her bed, and he’s nude. She freaks out and hits him on the head. After lecturing her about this over breakfast, Livius informs Nike that he’s going to hold a coming out party for her so she can be introduced as the Sun King’s wife to the ambassadors of their allied countries. Livius insists that Nike do her Rain-Summoning as entertainment, and she refuses.

Nike learns about Livius’ schedule and how he’s a workaholic. As she’s sharing her concerns with Neil, they are approached by a group of people that includes Duke Ferrara and the Ocean Kingdom’s ambassador. The ambassador starts talking down to Nike and treating her rather snidely until Livius arrives and scolds the ambassador for how he’s speaking to Nike.

While this is going on, Nike is trying to find something she can communicate about with Livius, something deep inside his heart that he’ll only let her touch. Through a later conversation with Neil, she learns about Livius’ true feelings and realizes that she’s been the real idiot lately.

At the party, Nike is running late. However, she makes a grand entrance, and sings for Livius in order to summon the rain.

I really enjoyed Episode Three of The World is Still Beautiful. Livius and Nike definitely have an awkward relationship, but I do get the feeling that Livius is falling for her but doesn’t know how to express it. Right now, it seems like Nike is concerned about him more like an older sister than as a wife. But I have a feeling that as the series continues, Nike will end up developing some kind of feelings for Livius.

Something that really made me laugh was the Ocean Kingdom’s ambassador. After being such a snide jerk to Nike, he’s the first one to grovel at her feet after she makes her grand entrance. And the two scenes where Nike finds Livius in her bed are also rather amusing.

The World is Still Beautiful seems to find the right combination of drama and humor to tell its story. Right now, it’s probably my favorite show of the 11 new shows I started watching for the Spring 2014 season. I’m looking forward to watching Episode Four in order to find out what will happen to Nike and Livius next.

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