At the beginning of Episode Two, something falls out of sky as Juugo is walking home from the convenience store, which he catches and brings home. When he shows it to Nanana, she recognizes it as the Eye of Yuguthos, which was part of Nanana’s Collection.

Later, a girl named Ikkyuu comes to Juugo’s place, accompanied by Hoshino, who looks like a girl wearing a maid outfit. Ikkyuu calls herself a master detective, and says that Hoshino is her assistant. It’s revealed that Hoshino is really a guy, and that Ikkyuu has come to take the Eye of Yuguthos back. It had been stolen by a couple of inept thieves.

At school, Juugo discovers that Ikkyuu and Hoshino have transferred into his class. He is also approached by two members of the Adventure Club: President Isshin Yuiga and Vice President Yuu Ibara. They’re scouting him to join the club.

After having a conversation with Nanana, Juugo decides to go to the Adventure Club. He has to go through an entry test and clear it in order to join. It doesn’t matter how much he fails, he just has to conquer a specific room. Ikkyuu and Hoshino tag along, and between Juugo’s recklessness and Ikkyuu’s methodical way of going through the challenge, they’re able to pass the test.

I think Ikkyuu is going to end up making a good foil for Juugo. When it was revealed that Hoshino was actually a guy, I almost groaned. Just yesterday, I saw in Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara another guy character who looks like a girl that ended up being used in a running gag that was beaten to death. I was afraid the same would happen with Hoshino, but I was pleasantly surprised to see this aspect of Hoshino’s character was only referenced twice.

The Adventure Club had been referenced in the Nanana Manual back in Episode One, so it was nice to actually see that it exists and to meet a couple of its members. Since Juugo and the others passed the entry test, I think it’s safe to say that we’ll be seeing more of this club as the series continues.

I also liked that we already got to see an artifact from Nanana’s Collection. I’m sure we’ll be seeing more artifacts as the series goes on.

It also turns out that Nanana tells Juugo about a distinguishing feature of the person who murdered her. However, she points out that she’s told others, and they never found the murderer. Nanana seems bound and determined to find out who did this to her, and Juugo seems like he wants to help. So I suspect this aspect will also be touched on later in the series as well.

Nanana’s Buried Treasure still seems to be showing a lot of promise, and I’m interested in seeing how the story will progress and how the various plot points will start coming together.

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