Review: Riddle Story of Devil: Episode 2 – “What Dwells In Your Heart?”

Riddle Story of Devil focuses on Year 10, Black Class at Myojo Academy, which is made up of 13 students: 12 assassins disguised as students and their target, Haru Ichinose. The main assassin to be focused on is Tokaku Azuma, who ends up being roommates with Haru.

At the beginning of the episode, almost all of the remaining students are introduced: Shiena Kenmochi, Otoya Takechi, Suzu Shuto, and Kouko Kaminaga. Kouko declares that as of today she’ll be the class rep, and Tokaku tells her that she can also be the dormitory rep. At one point, after Haru and Tokaku are out of the room, Nio announces that at midnight, there will be a secret orientation meeting in Classroom 1908 in the tower attached to the school building that will explain the mission.

Isuke decides that she wants to get a jump start on the mission, and sets up a tea party in Haru and Tokaku’s dorm room. Tokaku decides not to stay, and it ends up just being Haru and Isuke. Isuke has poisoned the tea, and it appears that Haru is either unconscious or dead.

Meanwhile, Tokaku runs into Isuke’s roommate and fills Tokaku in on Isuke’s plan. When Tokaku returns to the dorm room, she finds Isuke hovering over Haru’s partially unclothed body. They can see there are various scars on her body. Tokaku and Isuke get into a fight, and just when it seems that Tokaku has the upper hand when she points a knife at Isuke, she has a flashback that keeps her from killing Isuke. Apparently, when Tokaku was little, she was told that if she thinks of killing someone, she needs to remember a particular shrine in order to stop herself. In the fight, Isuke gets the upper hand, kicking and punching Tokaku until she’s unconscious.

When Tokaku awakens, she finds Haru hovering over her. The two girls have a conversation, where it’s revealed that Haru is unable to be killed because a spell has been placed on her; it turns out she’s part of a large clan, and people have been trying to kill her for a long time because they have a problem with her existence. It turns out Haru is also aware of being in a class surrounded by assassins who want to kill her. Just as Tokaku is going to explain why she saved Haru, there’s a knock on the door. It’s Kouko with an invitation to the special meeting for Tokaku. Tokaku crumples up the invite, but goes to the meeting to declare that she’s going to protect Haru instead of trying to assassinate her.

Well, then… there were some things in this episode that I didn’t expect. First, I hadn’t expected to learn that Haru can’t be killed. Second, I hadn’t expected Haru to say that she’s known the truth about Black Class all along. Third, I hadn’t seen the idea of Tokaku becoming Haru’s protector coming this early on in the series. These revelations do add a new layer to the series, although there’s a part of me that’s a little disappointed that Haru is already aware of what’s going on. For me, part of the charm of this show was the fact that Haru didn’t seem to know about being thrown in a classroom full of assassins. Oh well. I’ll get used to these changes, and I’m hoping to see some kind of payoff later in the series because of these major game changers.

But now that Tokaku has changed sides, I suspect that she’ll become just as much of a target as Haru. To the assassins, they’d probably think that getting Tokaku out of the way will make it easier to go after Haru. So it’s likely that not only will Tokaku need to protect Haru, she’ll also need to protect herself.

My major issue with this series, though, is the fact that so many characters are being thrown out there at once that I’m having a hard time keeping names straight. By the end of this episode, I know Tokaku, Haru, Nio, Kouko, and Isuke. I’ve blanked on all of the other characters’ names. Hopefully I’ll get to know the other characters better later as the series continues.

Now that the story is starting to get going, I’m curious to see what’s going to happen next.

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