This episode opens with a long holiday coming up, and Sumiko-san says she’s going on a trip with some friends. She also tells the tenants not to use this as an excuse to do crazy things. Sumiko-san also says she’s leaving Ritsu in charge, and that Ritsu will report everything that happens to her. As an incentive to behave, Sumiko-san tells them that if they do anything bad, she’ll increase their rent.

After Sumiko-san leaves, Shirosaki surprises Kazunari and Mayumi with bubble wands he made, and they have fun making bubbles together. Ritsu comes outside and watches from a distance. Kazunari sees Ritsu and invites her to join them. At first she refuses, but ends up being persuaded to join in. Ritsu has a lot of fun and starts laughing. Unfortunately, after Shirosaki and Mayumi try to twist something she says into a come on to Kazunari, she blames Kazunari and slaps him.

Next, a portion of the story focuses on the residents working on their laundry and hanging things up outside to dry. Ritsu comes out and sees Kazunari casually talking with Shirosaki and Mayumi. Sumiko-san has Ritsu and Kazunari work together to bring some curtains outside to be done for the laundry. They have an awkward conversation. However, when they come outside, they see something that strikes them both as amusing, and it becomes a hilarious joke for the two of them after Kazunari makes a comment. Unfortunately, the good feelings that Ritsu has towards Kazunari go south after he inadvertently displays a pair of panties that had fallen to the ground in order to find its owner.

The last bit focuses on the group watching a horror movie. However, Ritsu’s scared and doesn’t want to watch it. Again, poor Kazunari unwittingly does something to make Ritsu mad at him. The episode ends with Sayaka, the other tenant of the dorm, returning from her trip and meeting Kazunari.

This episode saw poor Kazunari end up in situations with Ritsu that aren’t entirely of his making, but she ends up giving him all of the blame. But it was also nice to see some glimpses of emotion out of Ritsu, especially the happiness and joy she showed with the bubbles and the inside joke with Kazunari.

This episode also showed that there’s more to Shirosaki than being a pervert, and this was especially true with the bubble wands. So far, there hasn’t been anything yet to redeem Mayumi for me. Of the characters I know, she’s my least favorite. I don’t have any major opinion of Sayaka, since she was only seen for the last scene or so of the episode. But from what I saw of her, I have a feeling that I’m not going to like her much more than I do Mayumi at the moment.

This episode, while telling on overarching story, has basically broken up the story into three vignettes. However, these vignettes are all related to each other, and the story flows well from one to the next.

So far, I’ve been enjoying The Kawai Complex Guide to Manors and Hostel Behavior, especially the interactions between Kazunari and Ritsu. I’m only two episodes in, and I’m already rooting for these two to become a couple. I can’t wait to see the next episode in order to find out what’s going to happen next.

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