Brynhildr in the Darkness: Episode 2 – “Witches”

At the beginning of Episode Two, Kuroha tells Murakami that he has to keep the fact that she’s a witch a secret. If she gets caught, she’ll be killed. She also tells him to stay away from her. The next day at school, Kuroha is absent, and the teacher asks Murakami to take a transfer form to her that has to be filled out and returned the next day. He’s also given a guide to give her about the upcoming class trip to the beach.

When Murakami goes to the address he was provided, he discovers that it’s a lookout station. However, when he looks from the station, he sees an abandoned village below and assumes that she’s there. He climbs over a fence, and sure enough, he finds Kuroha hanging up laundry to dry. She’s surprised to see him, and Murakami gives her the form. At first, Kuroha says she’s not going back to school, because she saved the two students who were supposed to die. However, before they can get too much further, Murakami hears a strange sound from a nearby house and goes to investigate. Kuroha uses her magic to keep him from going to the house and tells him to leave.

As he’s leaving, Murakami realizes he didn’t give Kuroha the trip guide. He decides to go back, and he makes his way into the house. He overhears Kuroha talking to someone, and then slips into the room after she leaves. Here he meets Kana, a witch experiment that ended up completely paralyzed. However, she acquired the ability to make forecasts. Since the fingers on her left hand can move a little bit, she uses a keyboard to type into a machine that speaks for her.

Kuroha ends up returning to school thanks to Kana persuading her to. When Kuroha has a hard time reading something out loud, Murakami convinces the teacher that he’s not feeling well and needs Kuroha to accompany him to the nurse’s office. While they’re out of the classroom, Kana contacts Kuroha about someone who’s going to die nearby in 15 minutes. Kuroha and Murakami rush to the scene of the accident, and something surprising happens.

Episode Two lets the audience and Murakami get to know Kuroha a little better, and we also get to meet Kana. It turns out Kana was the one Kuroha was communicating with in Episode One when she was getting the messages about Murakami and his death. We also learn that Kuroha is trying to make Murakami keep his distance because if he’s caught with her if she’s caught, he will also be killed.

We also learn that Kanade, another witch who had escaped with Kuroha and Kana, has been captured. Near the end of the episode, we see what happens to Kanade after she’s been recaptured, and they really do kill her. It’s also intimated that the girl that Kanade was with at the time was also captured and would be killed because she had seen Kanade use magic. This scene reinforces what was revealed by Kuroha earlier in the episode.

From what I’ve seen in these two episodes, Kuroha and Murakami have a good chemistry. Unfortunately, Kuroha is trying to keep her distance to protect Murakami, but fate and circumstances seem to keep bringing them together for one reason or another. It’s obvious that Murakami has feelings for Kuroha, but it’s harder to tell right now if she has feelings for him even though she keeps trying to push him away.

There seems to be a good setup for the story here, and I’m looking forward to watching more of Brynhildr in the Darkness in order to find out what happens next.

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