Captain Earth: Episode 2 – “The Name of the Gun Is Livlaster”

At the beginning of Episode Two, after the mecha goes through a long transformation sequence, Daichi finds himself face-to-face with someone from the Kiltgang, the enemy of the series. Daichi has no idea what he’s doing, so Peter has a girl going by “Code Papillon” try to control Earth Engine remotely. Unfortunately, she just can’t quite hit the enemy that way. Daichi suddenly decides to use the gun himself, and between his efforts and what Code Papillon can do, they’re able to repel the enemy.

After Daichi returns to Earth in the Earth Engine, his father’s friend Tsutomu greets him and takes him to the organization’s headquarters. After some examinations, it’s determined that no physical abnormalities have been detected in Daichi so far. From talking with Tsutomu, Daichi learns that Globe, the secret organization, is known on the outside as an international organization devoted to space development for peaceful purposes. However, it’s actually a defensive organization to fight alien invaders. He learns the gun he used is called a Livlaster, and the one he used is the second one to appear.

Later, Daichi learns that Teppei is there, along with a girl named Hana that he came in contact with years earlier when Teppei took Daichi into the headquarters. At that time, Daichi made a promise to show them his boomerang. Daichi tries to take them outside, but the other two have lead gears on, which has a sensor that indicates when they’ve left the quarantine zone. If it detects they’ve left, it inflicts a minor degree of pain. There are men in black suits that keep a constant eye on Teppei and Hana as well, and the glasses guy assigned to Hana is very controlling and comes across as being rather creepy. It’s also decided to put a lead gear on Daichi as well.

Meanwhile, we learn that a CEO named Kube is talking to his computer and learns about what’s going on. His computer also seems to be computing various scenarios as well. While I haven’t necessarily seen any confirmation of this, I get the feeling that Kube is somehow affiliated with the men in the black suits who are keeping an eye on Teppei and Hana.

Near the end of the episode, Daichi decides he’s going to fight against the lead gear and the men in the black suits.

Episode Two was stronger than Episode One was. While there was still some exposition going on, there was a bit more action taking place in this episode, especially at the beginning during the fight between the Kiltgang and Earth Engine.

Episode Two also helped to make some of the characters and concepts that were introduced a little clearer. However, there were also characters and concepts introduced in Episode Two that I’m not entirely understanding yet. So while I have started to gain a better appreciation for the series from what I learned in this episode, there are still some ways that I’m still a little lost due to the new elements that have been introduced that really haven’t been explained yet. Hopefully the next episode will help to clear some more up without introducing yet more concepts and ideas with little to or explanation.

Even with some of the confusion I still have in regards to Captain Earth, I’m interested in what’s going on and I’d like to see more. I still see a lot of potential for this series. I hope it’s a case where this series is a little slow to get going, but once it’s going, it’s really good.

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  1. servantofpriss · April 21, 2014

    As for mecha anime, this is surprise of the season. I wasn’t really hyped for this, to say the least.

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