The World is Still Beautiful focuses on Nike, the fourth sovereign daughter of the Rain Dukedom, and on King Livius I, the king of the Sun Kingdom. Livius asked for the hand of one of the daughters of the ruler of the Principality of Rain, and Nike ended up being chosen to become his bride after losing a game of rock-paper-scissors.

Nike and Livius meet each other at the beginning of Episode Two, and they’re not impressed with each other. Livius insists that Nike make it rain, because he’s grown weary of the sun. Nike becomes upset and raises a hand against the king. She is taken away by the guards and put in the dungeon. Livius tells Nike she can either starve to death there or become his plaything.

Later, after Livius has finished his business with Neil, his advisor, he is faced with Nike, who has escaped from the dungeon. When Livius insists she summon the rain again, she tells him that rain summoning isn’t a parlor trick, and that the feelings of the person seeking the rain must be in concert with those of the person making it, and that he needs to show her the beauty of this world. He doesn’t truly understand what she means, and does things that only infuriate Nike more.

Later, Livius is targeted by a poisoned arrow, but Nike pushes him out of the way and the arrow hits her in the arm. Nike is OK, but runs a fever. After she recovers, Livius orders Neil to take Nike back to the Principality of Rain. However, something happens that causes her to return and do something to save the day.

This episode not only does an effective job of establishing Livius as a character, it also establishes the relationship between Nike and Livius. For most of the episode, Livius comes across as a real jerk. However, there’s an explanation given about why Livius is the way he is when Neil has a conversation with Nike. By the end of the episode, I came to like Livius a bit more than I had at the beginning.

Now that Episode Two has established Nike and Livius, I’m curious to see how this relationship will continue to grow and how the story will evolve as the series continues.

So far, I’m still enjoying The World is Still Beautiful. I think it’s a combination of the story, the characters, and the look and feel of the animation that is keeping me interested in this series. I really hope that I’ll continue to be just as impressed with the series at the end as I am right now.

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